Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Speaker Profile: Colleen Fahey Rush

With the The Market Research Event quickly approaching, we would like to introduce you another keynote speaker that we will have this year at our event. This year, The Market Research Event will take place from October 13 - 16, 2008 in Anaheim, California at the Disneyland Hotel. This week, we would like to introduce you to Colleen Fahey Rush, the Executive Vice President or Research at MTV Networks.

As the Executive VP of MTV Networks, Rush oversees research groups for the company by providing oversight, guidance and council. She finds insights dealing with many demographics including kids, teens, young adults, men, women, and boomer audiences. Her research focuses on engagement and understanding consumer behavior and performance across new and engaging platforms.

Rush began at CBS, and followed by becoming the Director of Research at Telemundo. In 1996, she joined MTV, and before she was promoted to her current positin, she was the Senior Vice President of Research at VH1 and CMT.

Read a number of studies that have been contributed by Rush:

The relationship between youth and digital technology
‘The Hills’ is Alive
Money Meets Mobility Portability’s Sweet Spot
MTV Gives Casual Games a Closer Look
Engagement On For Online Games: MTVN Study

We invite you to come see Colleen Fahey Rush at The Market Research Event as she presents his keynote speech on Thursday, October 16th, Driving Change and Innovation at MTVN..

(Source: ARF Board)

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