Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#TDMR Live: These are a few of our favorite tweets

Day two of TDMR included a lot of talk about Social Media...and a lot of talk on social media. We decided to take a look at some of the most retweeted and thought provoking tweets from the #TDMR twitter stream for an insight into some of the hottest topics of the event.

Top Tweets:
@katseyemedia: #Lenny Murphy asked: What constitutes a market researcher? It's no longer an analyst, maybe it's an insight-ist. #TDMR #mobilemr

@TMRE: "If you're somewhat accurate, but can get it to me fast, that's better then being 100% accurate but getting the information too late" #TDMR

@rstrohmenger Executives are concerned about substance; #mrx is concerned about form. Must change!

@lennyism: Exec want substance, #MRX wants form. That is the fundamental disconnect. Frank Della Rosa

@lennyism: Difference between a logo and a tribal marker; brand evangelists embrace logos as a way to identify themselves. Nice insight from #TDMR #mrx

@kirbythornton: Distributed Cognition aka Wisdom of the Crowd. The response from a respondent differs when collected individually or as part of group #tdmr

@: Ppl don't want to interact w/data. Ppl want to interact w/ppl. Tech is getting better @ empowering it #MRX has to earn seat in convo #TDMR

@scanlon_pittPG Passionate plea on visualizing data. "I care about the insights... Not the data". Conf attendee speaks #TDMR #mrx

@ehdecker: Ppl don't want to interact w/data. Ppl want to interact w/ppl. Well, we've only interacted with data for ~100yrs (out of 2million). #TDMR

@rstrohmenger: Negation does not occur in the brain; #marketing needs to present info in the positive to resonate quickly & easily #MRX #tdmr

@BettyAdamou: 10-7-140 from @andrewjeavons . 10 questions, 7 options, 140 characters #TDMR @surveyanalytics

@ShailiBhatt: Social gaming is huge...Zynga would be the fourth largest country in the world, if it was a country! #TDMR. #mrx

Warren Sukernek of Alterian cited success of Comcast in using social media for customer service, achieved savings of over $1 mil

The term "google" was used in the 1960's on The Jetsons cartoon! And we thought Google actually made it up! #TDMR

Charlie Radar (P&G) says "Instant is the new soon!" with mobile and web key research tools for global understanding #mrx

What trending topics on twitter did you notice? Did we miss anything?

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