Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Benefits of Socializing

Whether you’re tweeting, checking-in, or facebooking, social media has proven one thing, it’s not going anywhere. In fact, companies are now starting to create their budgets with social media in mind. It’s accessible, easy, and free, so it only makes sense to use this outlet to promote your product, message, or idea.

Marketing and Social Media were once separate ideas, but today they are being used together, which allows companies to cover many different demographics at once. “38 percent of U.S. companies reported allocating as much as 20 percent of their marketing budgets for social networking purposes.” Social media is slowly becoming an important component for a business to communicate. In an effort to gain new customers, and also stay up to date with the latest trends, companies are also encouraging employees to use sites such as twitter and facebook. “In a survey released this week from Regus, a provider of flexible workplace solutions, 55 percent of U.S. businesses encourage their employees to join social networks like LinkedIn and Xing as a way to generate interest in their businesses. Globally, the survey reported a 7 percent increase in the proportion of businesses successfully recruiting new customers through social networks like Facebook."

“Liking” or “retweeting” may seem like simple concepts, but this kind of feedback can be used to completely change or enhance your marketing campaign. The emphasis is getting a consumer to "do" something that creates a connection to the brand. Facebook "likes," blogging, YouTube videos are all part of this engagement process.” You can even use these sites to simply test an idea, and based on the response, use it or create a new one. With all the tools the internet provides for us, interacting with customers has become easier and more efficient, but it’s up to the business to create a successful marketing and social media strategy.

By using Social Media to help enhance your Market Research you’re also spotting trends in advance while developing an edge to better connect with the consumer and propel their firms for growth through innovation and targeted marketing both domestically & internationally. Today Social Media is a credible source for sustainable research and also helps illustrate proper recruitment incentive, and integration techniques. To find out more about social media, and other effective market research methods please visit .

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