Friday, September 16, 2011

TMRE International Session Spotlight: Great Britain: Satisfying the Need It Now Mentality Without Sacrificing Quality

Leading up to The Market Research Event, we'll profile the keynotes, tracks and themes at the 2011 event.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be looking at the international sessions new to the event.  For more information on TMRE, taking place November 7-9, 2011; in Orlando, Florida, download the brochure now.  If you register today using code TMRE11BLOG, you can save $300 off of the standard registration rate plus the first 10 to register get a free FlipCam!

Featured Country: Great Britain

Featured Session: Managing an Efficient and Effective Department: Satisfying the Need It Now Mentality Without Sacrificing Quality

Featured Speaker: Tom Crawford, Director, Head of Portfolio and Concepting, Nokia Consumer Analytics and Insights

About the session: In this session, Tom Crawford, Director and Head of Portfolio and Concepting in the Nokia Consumer Analytics and Insights team, will share insights into how to effectively and efficiently manage an always on insights department. With continue pressures from end users, management and partners, how do you prioritize and respond efficiently whilst maintaining the integrity of quality in data and strategic guidance.
  • • Asset development to enable fast and effective consumer focused product development
  • •When, and when not, to rely on ad-hoc methodologies

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