Thursday, October 13, 2011

How can you get into the mind of a shopper?

Shoppers today are more educated than ever when they approach the shelf to purchase a product.  Odds are they've been online researching before the purchase, so no longer is the in-store experience the only place to reach the consumer.  So how does a company truly understand what's going on in the shoppers mind when they make their purchase decision?  The new white paper, Leverage Mobile Video to Gain Richer Shopper Insight, from Qualvu, thinks mobile video may be the answer.

And through the use of mobile video, researchers look at these three key elements that will help them decode today's in-store consumer:
  1. 1. The ability to see what the consumer sees
  2. 2. The opportunity for consumers to share insights when convenient
  3. 3. The flexibility to be natural and un-choreographed

Download the new white paper from Qualvu here.

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