Friday, October 14, 2011

TMRE International Session Spotlight: Mexico: Building New Tools Internally for An Old Problem

Leading up to The Market Research Event, we'll profile the keynotes, tracks and themes at the 2011 event.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be looking at the international sessions new to the event.  For more information on TMRE, taking place November 7-9, 2011; in Orlando, Florida, download the brochure now.  If you register TODAY, October 14 using code TMRE11BLOG, you can save $100 off of the standard registration rate plus the first 10 to register get a free FlipCam! Also be sure to RSVP for the TMRE Tweetup taking place 11/6 before the event!

Featured Country: Mexico
Featured Session: Building New Tools Internally for An Old Problem
Featured Speaker:Emma Piza Bátiz, Market Intelligence Chief, Cuauhtémoc, Moctezuma - Heineken, México & Elizabeth Meléndez Guerrero, Market Intelligence Chief, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma - Heineken, México
About the session:  Our goal was to emulate a natural situation of consumption by a mega test lab – where the consumer does not perceive being evaluated and we obtain a natural and free from bias. This tool was used to determine the session level of a representative sample of beer in Mexico, this information can not be determined in a traditional test. And it can be applied not only in this industry but also applies to the beverage industry and to determine the size bag of snacks and almost all products of the food and beverage industry in general.

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