Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Calling all “Change makers” …..

Last year the industry was wowed by the first ever Technology Driven Market Research Event.

In the spirit of our industry flagship, The Market Research Event (TMRE), we proudly present the new and expanded: The Market Research TECHNOLOGY Event, a holistic synthesis of intelligence, insights and implications. This is an event with practical lessons, productive debate and inspirational messages for moving forward and driving innovation in your organization.

Once upon a time businesses dreamt of a 360 degree customer perspective, now, it is a reality.
From fragmentation to integration, data convergence is disrupting established industries and business models. Primary research methodologies are no longer sufficient. A 360 degree perspective is needed to fully grasp all of the data and tools that are being used, creatively and effectively, to better understand consumer behavior.

Technology is a tool but it does not replace the art and science of market research as a discipline
We are arguably in the midst of the most major sea change the industry has ever seen. Historically market research has been the main driver of data collection – but now, with the explosion of data available and the convergence of so much data - researchers are expected to perform data integration, aggregation and prediction alongside their data collection. That’s not enough. They are expected to turn data into stories that people want to hear – that ultimately drives innovation in their company. This undoubtedly requires a whole new set of skillsets, talents, and leadership.

Big data can be an obstacle and it can also be a goldmine
Understanding different behavior patterns throughout different touch points and across customer cycles allows us to know our customers better than ever before. This translates into smarter decisions and more productive outcomes. Market research is part of a bigger world – the world of consumer and marketplace intelligence.

From market research to business intelligence, the tools available are growing exponentially, the knowledge available is astounding, the game is changing, and therefore, so are we…

New for 2012:
  • Dr. A.K. Pradeep is back! Running a full day workshop on Research Innovation and Neuroimmersion. 
  • Gaming is the new social. Find out how Jane McGonigal, Author, Reality is Broken, is using games to collect significant amounts of consumer data.
  • Technology is no longer a tool; it’s an intrinsic consumer behavior. Join Behavioral Economist, Dan Ariely as he taps into the forces behind the different decision-making processes.
  • Trend tracking is the motivation you need as a business to unlock hidden potential of emerging markets. Explore your social currency with Michael Tchong, Analyst, Michaeltchong.com.
Join us in this new technological wonderland!  Visit the webpage to sign up for updates on the program.

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