Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TMRE Day 1: Learning from our Explorer peers

Day one of The Market Research Event is in the books and, while the start was a little less caffeinated than we'd collectively hoped, my sense is that we all really built up a head of steam as the day evolved.

Seven track sessions today capped by former Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy's interview kept my keys clacking on Twitter and my brain whirring while I endeavored to keep up with the insights, best practices, thoughts and guidance of some of our brightest research and marketing peers. To help organize all that I was exposed to today, I word-clouded my tweets and some themes start to emerge.

One, duh, we're at TMRE. But, what about the other stuff?!

Well, Yum! Brands, Pepsico, AT&T and CBS Interactive really made an impression on me. And, it's no surprise: they brought some of the most exciting insights to bear today extracted from the front edge of market research.

Further exploration of the cloud substantiates this: mobile, India, local, aspiring... The insights around aspirational lower income consumers in India delivered by Pepsico were some of the most powerful I had a chance to learn from. Need states are driven by so many elements and, for those of us in market research, our charge is to balance need states with the challenges of executing sound research in developing markets - languages, local nuances, and access.

On the front edge of "developed" markets' developing research landscape, AT&T and CBS Interactive shared how they've leveraged mobile research to drive innovation and product development with a powerful mix of qual and quant.

We all have to love sessions like these where our explorers are coming back from their expeditions to share with us the paths forward. I'm excited to hear from more trailblazers tomorrow!

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