Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Predictions for the Future of Market Research from Industry Insider, Stan Sthanunathan

Prediction from The Market Research Technology Event Keynote, Stan Sthanunathan, VP-Marketing Strategy & Insights, Coca-Cola Co. (Atlanta, GA)"

"The market research industry will not exist in its current form by 2020. Even by 2013, significant, clear signs of evolution will appear...
  • • One or two new players will emerge and become a big industry force by the end of the decade
  • • Technology will dramatically shape the way the insights industry evolves
  • • Big search engines and social media companies - with access to millions of individual insights - will become strong insights industry players
  • • There will be increased emphasis on on technology-enabled observation and listening type research
  • • There will be a dramatic increase in the use of Smartphones
  • • Big Data Analytics - led by consultants and IT giants - will amp up the pressure on traditional full-service industries
  • • As representative samples become impossible, MR will abandon that idea for most research studies"
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