Tuesday, March 6, 2012

UT-Austin Supercomputing Center Scales Big Data

Research Insighter Podcast: Academic Lab Makes Big Data Analytics/Visualization Manageable

By Marc Dresner, IIR

“Everything’s bigger in Texas” ain’t just some old saw; not when it comes to Big Data. No, think chainsaw on steroids.

The Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas-Austin in its first six months of work on the public-private smart grid cooperative dubbed the “Pecan Street Project” has successfully managed and analyzed energy consumption data from 100 wired homes collected at 15-second intervals—resulting in more than two billion records.

And they’ve got much bigger plans: more HHs, more data streams…no problem.

Someday probably not too far away, Paul Navratil predicts this research will result in energy efficient smart appliances—washing machines that switch on off-peak when juice is cheap, for example.

And true to his job title, the Scalable Visualization Technologies Group Research Associate & Manager also has a 12-megapixel touch display—basically the world’s largest iPad—at his disposal to make visual sense of the mountains of data being analyzed.

In this episode of the Research Insighter podcast interview series, Navratil outlines the ambitious Pecan Street Project and discusses its implications for market researchers trying not to drown in data.

Listen to this episode of the Research Insighter here.

Download a transcript of our interview here.

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