Monday, March 5, 2012

What draws a person to a brand?

It's clear that many companies aren't properly engaging their market when it comes to new products.  According to a recent article at Forbes, nine out of ten new products fail.  But Buyology is a company looking to understand the minds of consumers more by conducting market research that looks into both the conscious and unconscious mind of the consumer.  What they found was that the most appealing brand to consumers, both men and women, was Southwest.  They pinpointed the fact that the brand lends itself to connecting to the consumer through providing affordable and accessable ways to make memories.  It also connects with the customers on another level by highlighting their employees in their commercials as the actors.

Other brands that struck chords with both men and women were Dove and Google.  Surprisingly, Bed Bath and Beyond ranked high for men as all of the gadgets and the clean layout.  Dove, surprisingly for men, was identified do to the fact that they grew up around the brand.  Now, Dove For Men has resurrected their feelings and further connected with this audience.

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