Friday, June 15, 2012

TMRE TV: Ron Austerlade, CVS Caremark

At The Market Research Event 2011, Marc Dresner sat down with many of the industry's leading researchers to discuss their strive for the best insights in addition to how they work with fellow researchers to find the insights they are striving for better research and insights.  This is TMRE TV.

This week, we're featuring our interview with Ron Austerlade, Director of Market Intelligence for CVS Caremark.  In this interview, Ron takes us through the different divisions of research at CVS Caremark, including the Market Research Branch, the Client and Member branch and the competitive analysis branch.

One of their key parts of research is with their customer satisfaction and loyalty.  They have a customer satisfaction dashboard with all of the data they continuously collect to monitor the relationship between the company and their clients.  By moving away from written surveys often sent through the mail to telephone surveys, they've been able to decrease the amount of time for data capture as well as decrease the amount of time it takes to analyze the data.

Watch the interview here:

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During the interview, Ron discusses keeping a dashboard to measure the health of the relationship between the company and their clients.  What are the benefits of doing something like this for your company?

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