Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Protecting the Science of Understanding While Translating Insight into Business Decisions

Protecting the Science
We're researchers, but we're also trained scientists. Skeptical of the overnight DIY sensations, we're classically trained and we must ensure the integrity of data and insights. Yet, we also need to operate at the accelerated pace of change resulting in a balancing act of rigor and expediency.

Confident Business Decisions
TMRE was conceived on the notion that research deserved a seat at the table. Now, we focus on elevating the researcher to a strategic, consultative leader - at the forefront of setting strategy, exposing new opportunities and mitigating risk. This year, we couple best in class
business cases with professional development sessions focused on building the skills in highest demand for researchers today like storytelling, data visualization, business improve and sales techniques.

Only the Best

We’re thrilled to work with some of the longest standing leaders in the industry to bring this vision to life. Like Joan Lewis, the head of consumer and market knowledge at Procter & Gamble, who will interview Malcolm Gladwell to help tie his provocative thinking directly to industry. We’re also excited to bring you rising stars like Jane McGoingal, whose thinking is destined to revolutionize but modern consumer culture as we know it.

We're in This Together
There’s never been a more exciting time to be your partner in development and your connection to the best in insights from around the world. TMRE is the perfect blend of executive development and best practice sharing. It's the place where career researchers develop and advance into next generation leaders. See what TMRE 2013 is all about here.

TMRE connects the best in insights from around the world and is the #1 research and insights conference.

  • 1200+ attendees
  • 180+ rarely seen speakers
  • 130+ content driven sessions
  • 100+ cutting edge exhibitors
  • 60%+ client side participation
  • 9 breakout tracks
  • 8 symposia
  • 4 in depth professional development workshops
  • 0 commercialism from the platform. Our content review board ensures it.
  • New demands. New skillsets. Converged intelligence. More strategic guidance. 

TMRE: Your partner through change.

Download The TMRE 2012 Executive Summary and See for Yourself!

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