Monday, May 13, 2013

Integrating Data to Develop Learning Plans

Big data is sometimes referred to as the black box of data collection and data analysis.  But perhaps the black box is really the learning plan that businesses must create from the data they have collected and analyzed.

Identifying consumer insights from data is a sufficiently difficult challenge to thoroughly engage market researchers.  Assisting clients to develop a learning plan - that connects consumer insights with the underlying market research questions that a business is asking, or should be asking - takes data interpretation to an even higher level.

Businesses face a universe of data sources that seems to be continually expanding and dividing in a decidedly organic fashion.  Being on the receiving end of a data fire hose can obscure the key questions that may have been the catalyst for specific data collection activities.  Data analytic tools are crucial to the process of identifying actionable insights, but those data analysis processes and techniques must be a good fit for the research questions that businesses are asking. 

The Future of Consumer Intelligence conference features sessions in which data analytical strategies that produce accurate and usable data are presented and discussed.  Data analytic solutions are not one-size-fits-all tools.  The many sources of data coupled with primary business questions and goals are fundamental to making sound choices about data analytical tool use.

Data integration is a big picture approach, not necessarily just a big data approach. Pre-existing enterprise data is an important component of data integration.  Understanding the potential breadth of big databases, with a bold look at the strengthening and the limiting variables, requires an orientation toward synthesis.

Exploration of data integration offers opportunity to harness and manage multiple data sources and technologies.  A number of these data integration approaches will be discussed at the conference, The Future of Consumer Intelligence.  The black box is being opened to the light.  Go see for yourself.

Gigi DeVault
Market Research Guide

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