Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nate Silver on What We Really Know vs. What We Think We Know at Future of Consumer Intelligence

World Renowned Statistician and Future of Consumer Intelligence keynote Nate Silver, has shared that "people sometimes have difficulty picking out the reality, or signal from the noise. The result, there is a widening gap between what we really know and what we think we know."

With so much transformation in the financial services industry today, it's more important than ever to truly know your consumers, not just think you know them.

The Market Research Technology for Financial Services Symposium, a highlight of The Future of Consumer Intelligence event, presents the knowledge and tools for collecting real-time insights to truly understand your customer. From big data, to social media, to the mobile wallet, The Future of Consumer Intelligence covers everything you need to know.

Keynote Spotlight-

The Future Consumer: An Adapting Force to Take into Account for Your Corporate Strategy
Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer, ABN AMRO

Consumers are getting impatient and are starting to take control over production and consumption processes. How can you cope with these emergent developments? Can you create a dynamic corporate strategy that fits these patterns? The future belongs to those who are agile.

Jaspar will do a beginning to end exploration of how to leverage trends and methodological innovation to get to the heart of the future consumer. This keynote will challenge the audience to think about consumers in a different way.

Download the conference brochure for the full agenda.

Together, let's embrace new opportunities and new ways of thinking about our industry.

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