Monday, June 24, 2013

The 2012 TMRE Executive Summary is Available Now

The 2012 TMRE Conference brought together more than a thousand researchers to learn, network and
discuss many key topics. It truly is a great time to be in research, with things evolving ever faster and offering
even more and better opportunities to impact our companies’ businesses.

We compiled an executive summary which highlight the key points and overarching themes of the 2012 TMRE conference. In 2012,The Market Research Event was a tremendous showcase for great work and new trends focusing (importantly) on the ability of Market Research to lead a company’s path to success. We found four overarching themes emerged from the keynote sessions, track breakouts, and networking discussions:

  1. Understanding and Influencing the Customer Journey
  2. Brand is Still King
  3. Burgeoning Data: New and BIG
  4. Social Media coming of age

We would like to share the executive summary with you here.

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