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Official Call for Presenters Now Open: The Future of Consumer Intelligence

The Institute for International Research (IIR) presents
The Future of Consumer Intelligence
May 19-21st, 2014 | California

Due to the high volume of submissions, we suggest you submit your proposal early and no later than Friday August 30th to Romina Kunstadter, Conference Producer at or 646.895.7453


A gathering of "consumer culture" collective exploring common ground across roles and industries for translating behavioral information into business opportunity.

Specific Topical Discussions Include:
  • The Convergence of Insights & Intelligence: Consumer, Social, & Cultural
  • Big Data & Analytics: Connecting the Dots for a Holistic View  
  • Strategy & Action Planning:  Data Driven Marketing for Driving Consumer Strategy 

****Please see below for what topics our audience said are top of mind for them***

Two NEW Symposia's
  1. The Future Researcher: What are the skills, tools, methodologies, capabilities & culture - turning data into meaningful stories, digital disruption, the entrepreneurial spirit, becoming agile & predictive, engaging your consumer.
  2. The Future Consumer: A 360 degree view: What is the future of how people live, how they shop, how they can be engaged.. understanding behavior, the quantified self, and generation next.

The Audience
VPs, Directors, & Managers in the fields of Market Research, CRM, Innovation, Technology, Marketing, Analytics, Consumer Insights, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Social Media, Mobile, Data Mining, Text Analytics, IT, Design & Engineering. Speakers receive FREE admission to the conference as well as any pre-conference activity such as workshops or symposium.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities
If you are interested in sponsorship or exhibit opportunities please contact Jon Saxe, Business Development Manager at or 646.895.7467.

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Call for Presenters:
  • For consideration, please email with the following information by Friday, August, 30th, 2013.
  • Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
  • Contact information including complete address, telephone, fax number and e-mail
  • Talk title
  • The main theme you plan to address
  • Summary of the presentation (3-5 sentences)
  • Please indicate what is NEW about the presentation
  • What the audience will gain from your presentation (please list 3-5 key "take-aways") 
  • Of the Audience above who would this most appeal to?
  • Previous conference experience
  • Short bio
  • Due to the high volume of responses, we are unable to respond to each submission. All those selected to participate as speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline. 

Thank you for your interest in The Future of Consumer Intelligence. We look forward to receiving your proposal! Here are some of the topics attendees said are top of mind for them:

The Future Researcher:
What are the Skills, Tools, Methodologies, Capabilities, & Culture
Topic: Future of Consumer Insights Department
Becoming a better listener/ Crowd sourcing for insights/ Gamification - engaging your consumer/ Engaging your team to explore & collaborate

Topic: Turning Data into Meaningful Stories
Innovation, methodology and insights as far as storytelling and bringing the message back in a memorable & digestible way

Topic: Becoming Agile & Predictive in Real Time
Leveraging technology to make consumer insights process more streamlined and shorten the overall timeline- I am interested in alternative approaches- I think consumers are ever evolving in how they like to be surveyed- a lot of people fall back on traditional methodologies but is that always the best?

The Future Consumer: A 360 Degree View
Topic: The Future of How People Live
Public Transit, City Planners (Future Landscape), Home Environment, Environmental Factors and Impact, Health Care, Values, Education, Workspace, Travel)

Topic: The Future of How People Shop: On-line & Off-line
I have a great consumer facing seat but not enough time to think about how to engage with my retailers and I need help with that- what are retailer trends and retailing trends

Topic: The Quantified Self
Wearable technology- customer experiences is at the heart of all things- the right insight that you get will help determine what you will be doing and the success

Topic: Digital Natives

The Convergence of Insights & Intelligence: Consumer, Social, & Cultural
Topic: Semiotics & Motivation Theory

Topic: Insights Deciphered through Digital
Big push around emotional marketing and I am wondering what comes after that- uncovering-triggers and activating behind them-a lot would be research but more would be understanding how television and digital are taking insights and translating them

Topic: Converged Intelligence: When Insights & Intelligence Collaborate
Topic: Leveraging Social Media to Fill the Gaps
Social media insights & text analytics pro's & cons- how do you create a social presence & excitement - social chatter  for deeper insights

Big Data & Analytics: Connecting the Dots for a Holistic View
Topic: Finding the Why in a Sea of Data
Data point tells you what not WHY- you can make inferences but it doesn't tell you why- you can make leaps of faith- most data is about what happened focusing on the hindsight instead of understanding insight and foresight and how do we act upon it- awakening and invigorating consumer curiosity

Topic: Successful Data Integration:
What Big Data encompasses when it comes to businesses- how do you implement this into your business- even if you figure out the direction you want to go in, implementation takes a long time as does building a strategy and figuring out the technical requirements

Topic: Tools for Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing
Very interesting in learning more because this is one of the new tools tThe new marketing- I think in a few years most of the people are going to use Internet to do everything

Topic: Product's that Emerge As a Result of Connecting the Big Data Dots

Topic: Analytics that Changes How Business was Done

Strategy & Action Planning:   Data Driven Marketing for Driving Consumer Strategy
Topic: Big Data Improving a Consumers LifeInsight into big data- not how can it benefit us but how it can benefit the consumer and the key is the quantified application --- how your activity can be compared to other people

Topic: Privacy Please!(Delivering solutions while protecting consumer privacy- knowing how to target your consumer without being intrusive)

Topic: Data Forecasts your Relationship with Competitors How have you used big data to change how you have worked in comparison to your competitors?

The FOCI Team
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