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TMRE 2012 Award Winners Drive Disruptive Innovation

At TMRE 2012 IIR’s Marc Dresner of Market Research TV sat down with Next Generation Market Research Disruptive Innovation Award Winners: Steven Cohen, Chris Hart, Melva Benoit, and Jeff Bander.

The 2012 EXPLOR Award went to AOL, BBDO and InsightsNow. And, the NGMR Disruptive Innovation Award winners were broken up into categories including Thought Leadership: FOX Broadcasting Co. and trueAnthem, Research Concept Deployment: EyeTrackShop, and Individual Innovator: Steven Cohen, Partner & Co-founder, in4mation insights.

To Hart, CEO of trueAnthem, the value of earned media is somewhat overlooked as everyone is in pursuit of word-of-mouth marketing. “With the help of Fox as our partner we are tracking social distribution of content and measuring the performance of that content. We have identified thousands of influencers that are key in spreading that earned media awareness across the social landscape,” he explained.

Fox decided to partner with trueAnthem because in the social space, there is no measurement, so Fox wanted to begin the though leadership of the foundations for measurement and how media should be counted as it’s shared.  

“We hope it is the beginning of people having an open dialogue about how we measure, how we think about it and how we ultimately value social media,” said Melva Benoit, Senior VP of Fox Broadcasting.

CEO of trueAnthem Cohen has achieved innovative accomplishments in his career, but something still continues to bother him. He says, “I try to question the assumptions of what we do in order to say ‘Is there a better way?’ I always say ‘Why are we doing it that way? Is there a better way? Can we learn a better way?’’

Bander, president of the Americas and general manager, EveTrackShop, and his company have a track record of being very disruptive in the market research world for decades. As the world’s first and only online eye tracking, it has changed the paradigm of eye tracking because they send links out to anywhere in the world and can see everything about how a person is using it.

“Most people have been guessing what’s seen and not seen whether it’s print, TV, online video, or websites. Now, companies can simply show the results. It’s not about what you like, it’s about what is seen,” commented Bander.

Check out the full interview below:

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