Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TMRE'12 Encore Presentation: Using Metaphor Elicitation to Capture the Mood of the Nation

Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Burnett, presented Using Metaphor Elicitation to Capture the Mood of the Nation at the Market Research Event 2012. While we did a written look-back at the presentation in December here, now we would like to offer the an exclusive opportunity view the full-length session as well.

Session Recap:

Stephen suggested there are six meta types of consumers (based on a driving metaphor):
1) Arrivers,
 2) Engineers (plan methodically),
 3) Lonely Travelers (feel handcuffed),
 4) Easy Riders (middle of the road; non materialistic),
 5) Dismayed Mechanics (need a jump start; something is missing in their life), and
 6) Defensive Drivers (need help/assistance; live pay check to pay check).

He emphasized the need to increase comfort with what a brand stands for, with a focus on participation, motivation, resonance and relevance.

He cited several examples of different approaches companies currently use to increase comfort:
• Panera – creating comfort through quality
• Zappos – comfort through customer experience
• Fidelity – comfort through road to financial future
• Kellogg’s/Frosted Flakes – comfort through rituals/nostalgia
• Jet Blue – comfort via amenities.

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