Wednesday, September 11, 2013

TMRE'12 Video Encore Presentation: Jonah Sachs on Winning the Story Wars

Everyone in marketing is shouting “TELL STORIES!” in perfect unison from their various feeds. But what is a good story? And how can you make yours great?

Jonah Sachs, Author of Winning the Story Wars and Co-Founder & Creative Director at Free Range Studios, gave a keynote address at the Market Research Event (TMRE) Conference in 2012 on Winning the Story Wars.

Viral storyteller Jonah Sachs (Story of Stuff, The Meatrix) covered 50 years of Jedi Mind Tricks (how business masters push products and ideas, and why their tricks are failing you now); Freaks, Cheats and Familiars (how our brains are hardwired to remember stories that reflect ancient patterns); and the Digitoral Era (how to transform your stories for massive resonance in today's digital-oral tradition).

Sachs sourced age-old and cutting edge wisdom, delivering insights from advertising history, evolutionary biology, psychology, and comparative mythology- equipping you to apply timeless truths for story contagion and breakthrough brands.

We invite you to sign-up for access to view this complimentary, full-length session here. Bonus: you will also have access to additional 2012 videos and the Market Research Event 2012 Executive Summary when you register.

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