Monday, October 7, 2013

Goop Survey: Where Luxury Brand Meets Design

I'll fess up and let you know I have subscribed to Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop, a lifestyle weekly publication, which curates A-list/luxury recipes, health tips, as well as fashion and cultural news for the masses, for years now.

Although Gwyneth and by extension her Goop brand often receives a lot of flack for its smug," inaccessible world view, I actually enjoy its recommendations and insights into a world of luxury much akin to the appeal of Oprah's favorites.

Two weeks ago, in their 5th anniversary Goop newsletter, the marketer in me reveled at their survey. They promoted it in their HTML email along with an animated Gif created by Rachel Ryle Marketing Director @Ubooly and who is an Illustrator & Animator. You can see some of her work on Instagram.

I thought it was a clever and fresh way to promote a survey. One very much in line with the Goop brand and consumer audience. Take a look for yourself.

As it appeared in the newsletter:

I can see how the trend of a visual or Pinterisation of the web influenced this design and it beats out a boring text link any day. What do you make of it?


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