Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Live from #TMRE13 5 Game Changing Trends That Will Drive Growth Today & In the Future

My first session today was about the 5 Game Changing Trends That Will Drive Growth Today & In the Future by Charles Vila from Campbell Soup Company. He highlighted 5 consumer trends that we are already playing out globally and will continue to drive growth far into the future. Here they are:

We are living in a fast paced, digital age where consumers are taking charge of their finances, their health, their time, and their happiness. Our return on investment is probably the #1 trend to take advantage of. We are always looking for the "best bang for our buck". Not necessarily targeting the cheapest product, but for the most value for what we are willing to spend. And the value of service is making a comeback.

iHealth 3.0
People are finally beginning to take control of their health and change their habits. Roughly 50% of Americans are overweight, which is causing rises in insurance premiums and a need for healthier options. The realization now is that it's much easier to prevent health problems, rather than fix them, but how?

Energy Management
We are constantly on the go - working, exercising, juggling different tasks, taking care of the kids. Everyone is exhausted, nobody gets enough sleep and energy has become the most valued commodity in consumers' lives. There is more and more need for innovations to speed up processes and save time - to make people's lives easier.

Desire To Feel Alive
There is a yearning inside all of us to rebound emotionally and physically from pressures and problems in our lives. We all need to find ways to release tension and have some fun during the day. The desire for new experiences, outlets for creativity and spontaneity are an ever-growing need.

Digital is Re-Setting Expectations
Humans naturally want to be part of a community, create deep relationships with people and find ways to express themselves. Enter Social Media - facilitating connections and socialization. MySpace is now a thing of the past, Facebook and Twitter have become the hot spots - what's next?

There are plenty of opportunities for growth within these 5 categories. The question is, what will we do about it?

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