Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Live from #TMRE13: The Big Shift: How the World is Changing and What You Need To Do About it

Christopher Gong, Senior Editor and Maggie Wooll Senior Editor and Chris Grames, Research Fellow, Deloitte Center for the Edge spoke today about the Shift that is Happening in the Predictive Insights
& Futuring Track at the Market Research Event.

Knowledge is being created and shared in a flow faster than ever before. Their change index has over 25 areas that are being examined to track this change.

Technology is blending and melding the digital and physical worlds like for example genomic data and driverless cars. Boundaries are blurring not just between industries but between the physical and virtual world.

So how do you create identity in this changing world as an individual?

The pace of these accelerating tech trends are being adopted faster than ever as well.

One trend is being looked at is Dematerialization. The concept of things that used to exist as material things are now in existence as an information product such as a Single CD is purchased as file that is stored on your phone.

Re-materialization: 3D printing for example. There is now a whole ecosystem of designers online creating and sharing printable products. The biomedical industry is particularly interested in this space.

Information flows freely between atoms and bits and vice versa.

Digital Identities

Transmedia: Video games as movies.

Physical identities are blurring with digital identities: cosplay, avatars, Facebook profile images.

Technology has changed. We have not.

We need human connection, respect, love...however, it's how we are we meeting these needs that is changing.

I am what I share:

Technology has not invented sharing only the scale and medium.What we share allows us to curate our identity as to how we want to be perceived.

If you allow people to share and craft their identity using your brand or product they will gravitate toward those services.

It's not only what is being shared but also how people respond and engage with what is being shared. Social currency and credibility is being built thus way.

People can build on what you share.

I am what I personalize:

Nike & Reebok: design your own is a growing part of ecommerce that allows both ownership and builds brand equity.

Dodge Dart is a crowdfunded car that is payed for by the community and customized to order.

I am what I create and Participate In:

The Maker Movement: Any one can "make" an object or design something created by them.

Etsy is a site that allows users to create and sell their own products where as that used to be considered a hobby or side passion. We all have the desire to create but not every one has the talent to create for ourselves.

Kickstarter: is where dreams go to live and allow other people to participate and fund projects to come to life. The line between consumers, makers, sellers are being blurred.

The distance between creators and consumers is shrinking and your going to hurt if you're the middleman.

How to build trust?

DREAMS: Declared. Rated. Engaged. Activity. Moderated. Social.


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