Monday, October 21, 2013

Live from #TMRE13: Combining Customer Insights, Competitive Intelligence & Customer Analytics

Today we kicked off the Business & Competitive Intelligence Track with The Magical  Intersection: How Combining Customer Insights, Competitive Intelligence and Customer Analytics Creates Optimal Business Results presented by Melanie Wing, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Customer Insights Leader, Equifax.

Start off today, by thinking about our consumer and what they need.

B2B Needs: Decision-makers are human.

Most professionals are interested in succeeding:

- make a profit
- have fun
- gain power
- avoid hassle
- avoid risk

The challenge:

- Customer needs
- competitor capabilities
- Customer behavior

- data silos: need to be aligned to get a 360-degree view of the customer, build predictive models - lose a customer/purchaser.

- Market research is now just about gaining insights that can give you direction. What it won't give you is precision.

- You have to do it systematically. It cannot be done helter-skelter because you end up with a lot of data but no insight.

We're making progress but the key is to put together these 3 types of insights for actionable results.


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