Thursday, February 13, 2014

Key Challenges in Harnessing Unstructured “Handle Pull” Data at Caesar’s Palace

At The Future of Consumer Intelligence 2013, IIR’s Marc Dresner sat down with Joshua Kanter, senior vice president of Revenue Acceleration & Total Rewards for Caesar’s Entertainment, to discuss the extent to which insight and data drives decision-making in an organization.

Insight and customer analytics has been central to the success of  Caesar’s Entertainment. Kanter recalled an anecdote from the CEO that says, “There are only three ways to get fired from Caesar’s Entertainment: 1) Steal 2) Harassment 3) Not Having a Control Group.”

In the Caesars’ DNA is the notion that the employees are always trying to learn and are always experimenting. According to Kanter, part of that is about testing with real customers, part of that is about listening, and part of that is about insights work and the voice of the customer.

“We, as a company, are among the world’s leading practitioners of consumer insights and certainly, consumer analytics,” he commented.

Caesars has been practitioners of Big Data long before the term was even coined. In fact, the volume of the data that the company has and collects over its 45 million members is extraordinary. Kanter said, “We’ve been pioneers in developing analytics that tie together all of the various pieces of the customer journey.”

For instance, he explained, in a slot machine every time you make a bet there is something  called a handle pull. There are billions and billions of handle pulls in a day. Well, that has simply been too large for us to look at it. Now with new technologies, we are able to start looking at that data at a granular level and there is a lot of richness there analytically.

These days, everyone is focused on integrating the holistic view of the customer including internal and external data. Caesars is starting at a farther point than a lot of its competitors, but Kanter knows that this is where everything is going.

“We are taking it very seriously and making strategic investments to understand and make use of Big Data in a way that none of our competitors ever have,” he said.

Check out the full interview below:

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