Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Are you Pinterested? A Fashion Brand Evolves Research Communities

@JaclynDecell from Rachel Zoe Inc presented on, “The Insightful Consumer: Using Social Signals to Drive Business Decisions.” And this company is doing something very cool.
The company is launching a pilot of a new kind of online insights community: it’s a Pinterest community. People are being recruited to the “Zoe Insiders” shared boards. In exchange, they get exclusive access, such as sneak peeks to new fashion collections, exclusive content and they may even have the chance to be on the Rachel Zoe site (their 5 minutes fame?). No monetary incentives.

Pinterest is a fascinating choice, since it’s all about images. Which certainly makes sense for a fashion brand. And if you haven’t yet checked it out, Pinterest is HUGE. And addictive. Check out this Mashable infographic on why it is so addictive.
The shared Pinterest boards will be moderated, though the speaker felt this wasn’t too big a challenge—as the participants are being heavily curated to make sure they are on point with the brand and goals.

But where is the market research? While the Pinterest project is new (it’s in pilot), the company has been leveraging social media insights from other channels for some time—and the Pinterest project is just the next generation of it. Jaclyn says that when people share content from or about the brand on any social media channel, it’s an indication of the customer journey. Seeing what they share can reveal what types of editorial and imagery Rachel Zoe should be creating. Nail-related items are hot? Black and white images hot? This information can inform editorial choices, content creation choices…allowing the company to really be responsive.

Will this replace a deep analysis of brand perceptions or customer satisfaction measurements? Of course not. But it is a fast, continuous way to respond to customer wants and passions. And that is pretty cool.
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