Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Research & Branding Join Forces

When you think of a brand does research as a part of the brand typically come to mind? Well in HSN's world it does (formerly Home Shopping Network).

Elizabeth Merrick, Senior Customer Insights Manager of HSN and Katy Mallios, Consumer Insights & Intelligence Consultant of Spych Market Analytics, gave an amazing presentation at The Future of Consumer Intelligence Conference 2014 entitled, "Customer Insights as a Brand Engagement Tool.

In essence HSN considers market research as an opportunity to personally engage with their customers in a very customized and tailored way that acts as another touch point of the overall customer experience. 
Sometimes, Consumer Insights departments almost act as a barricade between the brand and the customer. HSN seems to have found a happy medium between the two. Herrick explains, "We are no longer researchers but brand facilitators. We want our core customers to participate and contribute to our brand, not just consume it."

In fact, members of  their research community have become so engaged with the brand that they willingly receive exclusive non-monetary incentives to engage with the HSN brand instead of monetary incentives. How would you like to have a birthday party with Wolfgang Puck as an incentive? Well, one of the HSN Insiders did LIVE on the air. The result, an extremely engaged research community that strengthens the research, the  brand and the overall customer experience. (By the way, the HSN Insiders formed their own Facebook group. Has your company's research community formed theirs?)

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