Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 8 Takeaways on Privacy

One of the overlying themes of this year's Future of Consumer Intelligence conference is consumer privacy and the concept of "Empowerment vs. Endangerment" as it relates to the handling and usage of data. As researchers, we collect , analyze and utilize consumers' information to improve products, services and the customer experience.

But really, the true question posed in all of this is, "Where do we draw the line in privacy practices?"  Regardless of whatever privacy policies consumers have agreed to (without actually reading the pages and pages of fine print) they still expect companies to act responsibility with their digital imprint. 

So here are the top 8 takeaways from today's discussions about consumer privacy:

1. Businesses typically dictate terms of privacy for consumers. However, consumers should have the right to 
dictate their own terms and conditions of privacy to businesses because it is their identify

2. We need need to move past the legality of consumer privacy and responsibly consider the morality of consumer privacy within our agreements

3. Clarity is essential and needs to be installed within data collection and data mining privacy guidelines and not be hidden in fine print

4. Consumer trust will increase as better practice guidelines are built into frameworks and agreements

5. Location privacy is a fundamental part of who we are as our location reveals our tastes, preferences and identities

6. Privacy equals control and consumers should control their data and have freedom of choice as to how, where and when it is used

7. Privacy by design should be built into our studies and framework. Yes it costs $$. But preventing a breach will save you even more $$

8. Embed privacy by design into initial frameworks because they are harder to change down the line

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