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TMRE Spotlight: Paul Long, CPA Canada

At TMRE, we unite leaders across market research, consumer insights, strategy, innovation, marketing, analytics, shopper insights, media research, UX, customer experience, business intelligence, competitive intelligence and more, dedicated to blending art and science to fully understand today's consumers.

As we curate best practices across industries and disciplines from practitioners in Market Research all over the globe, we'd decided to spotlight a few notables from the trenches.

Meet Paul Long, here's what he's shared with us:

Paul Long
Paul Long is Manager of Market Research at Charter Professional Accountants of Canada, the member organization for Canada’s professional accountants.  He previously worked as a Research Consultant for a market research company, and as a Consumer Insights Manager for a Canadian grocery retailer.  Paul tweets at @paul_long and is an occasional blogger at

What do you do and how did you get started?

I currently work as market research manager for the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). In my role, I work on both qualitative and quantitative projects. Much of the research is directly with CPAs. Some examples include the CPA Canada Business Monitor, which asks CPAs in executive roles with Canadian companies to give their opinions on economic trends. We also do a lot of financial literacy work with the public.This has included survey work addressing issues such as debt management, retirement savings and, most recently, summer spending. CPA Canada’s research assists our organization in determining ways it can continue to play an active role in helping Canadians learn more about personal finances.

My first job in market research was as a part-time telephone interviewer for a market research company while I was in graduate school.  After that I became a phone room supervisor. Once I finished my studies, I started looking for research jobs, eventually working at a market research company, and after that, in the customer insights department for a Canadian grocery retailer.

What interested you about MR?

I was first aware of market research because of my interest in politics, and following political polls and watching pundits on television. It didn't occur to me until later that the big research companies that were conducting political polls were also conducting research on breakfast cereals and car preferences.

How do you feel the industry is changing? 

There are so many different ways that the industry is changing!  Gamification, drops in response rates, growth in mobile research are just a few. To concentrate on one element, as a client-side researcher I will focus on the growth in DIY research. Declining research budgets seems to be a common trend these days in many client-side research departments. The challenge for client-side researchers is to efficiently allocate their departmental budgets so that they outsource what is clearly outside of their level of expertise, and maximize efficiency in the work they conduct internally.

This has offered a great opportunity for suppliers providing advanced but easy to use out of the box applications for corporate researchers to position themselves in a niche area.  At the same time, full service companies are having to compete for a piece of a smaller pie. Consolidation among research companies has been going on for quite a few years, and it will likely continue.

What is your best tip for researchers in the trenches to become a catalyst for impact?

Again, from a client-side researcher perspective, I would say to other client-side researchers to provide value to your internal clients -- explain what the data means, not just what the numbers are.

What’s one book you think we should read?

While it is not specially a market research book, I would recommend Groundswell, by Josh Bernhoff of Forrester Research and Charlene Li of Altimeter. One of the main themes of the book is that in a Web 2.0 world companies no longer have control of their brand, because of the conversations on social media. Due to this they need to take part in the conversations online, and neither ignore it nor try to suppress it.

I think one can draw a parallel with market research. It has been changing rapidly for maybe the past 15 years or so. In much the same way ignoring the changes that have taken place in market research methods, and ignoring newer methods is not helpful to anyone.

What Tech should we keep an eye on?

I'm curious about wearable technology, Google Glass or watches with similar applications as smartphones. Will some wearable device at some point in the future have a mainstream research application? It would appear unlikely, but mobile phones wouldn't have appeared to be a good candidate for research devices before smartphones dominated the space, so who knows?

Random fact?

In three different years, I have taken part in a two-day 120 mile bicycle ride for charity -- from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

Let us know if you would like to appear in our Market Research Spotlight next.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

10 Things You May Not Know about Binge Watching

Binge watching has become a new norm and the negative connotation of a "couch potato" is fading along with the term itself. The term came from Urban Dictionary and used to refer to watching a TV series on DVD in succession. Now the term has changed to include watching online on sites such as Netflix or Hulu for days on end.

Earlier this year,Theresa Pepe, VP of Ad Sales Research at Nickelodeon, told us, "binge and TSV will continue having an impact on networks.  The overall time it takes to gauge a show or network’s performance no longer fits into a 3 or 7 day window."

We're keeping an eye on how binge viewing and marathon TV watching is changing the game for media companies, advertisers and show creators.

The trends and changes in media consumption habits binge viewing, companion devices, social TV, cord cutting, the new watercooler - are challenges you face every day. Not only do you need to understand how media is being consumed, but also how to better engage with consumers on all screens wherever they are watching.

Here are a few things about binge watching you may not realize:

1. 51% of streamers prefer to watch with at least one other person

2. People Average 2-3 hours per session

3. 91% of people admit binge watching is a common behavior

4. One third of people said "binge-watching" is a negative term. This is down from 53% in 2013

5. Americans spend 2.8 hours of free time watching TV which is significantly more than 43 minutes of socializing which is the next closest activity

6. About 670,000 Netflix watchers watched the entire season of "House of Cards" the weekend it came out, about 2% of total Netflix subscribers

7. 79% of viewers say binge watching actually makes the show better

8. 75% of respondents in a survey watched an entire series in 30 days

9. It would take you 6 days and 2 hours to binge watch the entire "24" series.

10. For every two hours after the first hour of watching TV in a day, you are 44% more likely to die from heart disease or stroke, according to a study

About the Author:

Ryan Polachi is a contributing writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be reached at

Research Insighter Video: 2013 EXPLOR Winner Conversation

Dr. Steve Gittelman is the CEO of Mktg. Incorporated and an EXPLOR Award winner discusses why he won in this episode of TMRE's Research Insighter brought to you by The Market Research Event (TMRE).

The Next Gen Market Research Award recognizes companies and individuals that have demonstrated outstanding leadership as change agents and made significant contributions to harnessing disruptive innovation to drive research industry progress.

  • Predicting the Future:
Using Facebook Likes to predict where people will live the longest.
  • Unexpected Results:
In social sciences, the correlations and connections being made are not expected. It could also be applied in other areas.
  • What Can It Be Used For:
Combination of hard data and Facebook Likes to determine the life and death of a box store.

About the Author:

Ryan Polachi is a contributing writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be reached at

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Save the Date: The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015

The 2nd Annual Media Insights & Engagement Conference will apply behavior based decision making to uncover new trends, ideas and patterns around navigating content and translating insights into new business opportunities. The conference experience will provide information and inspiration around smarter decision making by exploring how people are constantly changing how they interact with and engage across media platforms, content and delivery systems, now and in the future.

Save the Date!
The Media Insights & Engagement Conference 2015
February 3-5, 2015 // The Westin San Diego // San Diego, CA
Lock in the Lowest Rates to Attend - Save $700:
Learn more about the event here:

The conference features all new content focused on Cross Platform Measurement, Research & Insights, the Future of Content, New Disruptors, TV Everywhere, Evolving Business Models & Partnerships, Understanding Viewer Behavior and much more.

In addition to groundbreaking content designed to decipher the future, we welcome the Millennial Rising Star Academy to share next gen thinking plus attendees participate in master classes,exclusive off the record sessions, interactive discussions, facilitated think tanks, case study competition and more.

Here's what people are saying about the conference:

"You know the standard saying about conferences, i.e. "if I take home one or two new ideas, this will be worth it?? Well - I think this sets a new standard. I've got three or four new ways of thinking about my work, communications and the world."- Barry Stoddard, Vice President, Research, Disney ABC Television Group

"This was indeed the best conference I attended in the past 5 years."
- Daniel Marcu, VP, Research & Insights, IFC

"I really enjoyed having an opportunity to participate in this conference. It was a great group and an overall positive experience for me. I thought it was especially successful in light of the fact that it was the first one of its kind." - Joseph Kessler, President, The Intelligence Group

Announcing the 2015 Conference Chairmen and Advisory Board:

Conference Chairmen
·         Jess Aguirre, SVP Research & Media Planning, Crown Media Family Networks
·         Tom Ziangas, SVP Research, AMC Networks

Advisory Board Members
·         Jim Bono, VP Research, Crown Media Family Networks
·         Brad Dancer, SVP, Research & Digital Media, National Geographic Channel
·         Steve Leblang, VP, Program Planning & Acquisitions, GSN
·         Holly Leff-Pressman, EVP, Business Development & Client Service, The Nielsen Company
·         Daniel Marcu, VP Research & Insights, IFC
·         Sean Merriweather, Director, Strategic Research & Analytics, Pivot, Participant Media
·         Michele Meyer, Vice President, Network Research, Univision
·         Robert Miner, President, Miner & Co. Studio
·         Pamela Pearce, Senior Director, Discovery Communications
·         Theresa Pepe, VP, Ad Sales Research, Nickelodeon
·         Don Robert, EVP Corporate Research, A+E Networks

Check out the 2014 Executive Summary to see what The Media Insights & Engagement Conference is all about:

Get Involved for 2015:
For speaking inquiries, contact Rachel McDonald, Senior Conference Producer
For sponsorship inquiries, contact Clay Collier at or Jon Saxe
For media partner inquiries, contact Kacey Anderson at  

The Media Insights and Engagement Conference Team

Consumer Insights Canada Brings TMRE & Shopper Insights into Your Backyard

Two weeks ago, Shopper Insights in Action uncovered new trends and insights, with one common theme being shared - "Consumers want trusting relationships, they don't want cold, transactional interactions." Sir Terry Leahy, Former CEO, Tesco & Shopper Insights in Action 2014 Keynote.

Now more than ever, it's even more important to have a deeper understanding of your consumer and what they want, and that's why we're so excited to be bringing Consumer Insights Canada right into your backyard.

The Consumer Insights Canada Event focuses on the power of insights to inspire smarter decision making and shines a lens on shopper and consumer behavior in Canada.  Whether you're looking to break into the market for the first time, or just deepen your relationship with Canadian consumers - this is your must-attend event.
The North American Consumer Insights Event
September 29-October 1, 2014
The Ritz Carlton
Toronto, Ontario

You'll hear from leading Canadian insights leaders as well as experts from around the world including:

>The Art of Engagement: The Importance of Connecting with Customers in a Multi-Channel World, Canadian Tire
>Falling in Love & Having a Relationship are Two Different Things, Target Canada
>How to Embed a Culture of Customer Experience in Your Organization, BMO Institute for Learning
>Six Secret Steps to Outsmart, Out-Innovate, and Out-Adapt Your Competitors, 
>New Canadians: The New Frontier for Marketers, Yahoo! Canada & Mediacom Canada
>Parallels from a Canadian Charity: From Donor-Centric Solutions to Shopper-Centric, General Mills Canada
>Mobile NFC Payments: Canadian Opportunities, Visa Canada
>And from Brandspark, Cadillac Fairview, Colgate Palmolive, General Motors, Mastercard, Saputo and more!

Download the brochure for the full agenda:

Consumer Insights Canada provides you with the tools you need to push the agenda forward in your organizations and set the strategic framework to better understand Canadian shoppers and consumers. In addition to the insights-filled agenda, you're registration also includes BONUS ACCESS to FEI: Toronto, brought to you by the World's Leader in Advancing Innovation.

Join us in Toronto this fall! Mention code NACI14LI & Save 15% off the standard rate. Register today:

The North American Consumer Insights Team

Friday, July 25, 2014

What You Missed This Week In Market Research 7/21-7/25

Here is what has happened this week:

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: A newer, faster data crunching engine from Apache Spark

Why Big Data Isn't Enough: Today's health systems collect data that is timely or actionable

Big Data is No Small Compliance Issue: Mining customer data must be done in accordance to privacy laws.

Amazon Web Service Names Sumo Logic a Partner: Sumo allows for faster analysis

Teradata Acquisitions Accelerate Big Data: Exploiting data has become imperative for success

Big Data Being Used in HR: Evolv helps assess and understand employees

New Tools for Market Research: Data in real time and eavesdropping into consumer gossip

Restaurant Chains Will Prosper in Digital World: Using technology to drive sales

Marketing Intelligence Forming Synergy: Technology has involved and become more integrated in the
 marketing world

Actionable Social Analytics: Many firms are struggling to find actionable insights

Optimizing Content Strategy with Social Listening: Understanding what is said can help craft your strategy

About the Author:

Ryan Polachi is a contributing writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be reached at

What You Missed in the Media Insights Week: 7/21-7/25

Here is what has been going on this week:

Simple.TV Goes to Canada: The Response to competitor Tablo

NFL Sunday Ticket Offered to Cord Cutters: If you live in certain areas or can't get DirecTV due to obstructions you can stream it on your computer

Multiscreen World Cup: Young Fans watched entire matches on tablets

Aussies Watching More TV and Using More Screens: 74% of Aussie internet users aged 16+ said they watched TV while using the internet

"TV Everywhere" is Growing: Despite confusion on what the term actually means its becoming more popular

Monetization of TV Everywhere: Ad revenue has not materialized yet so operators are searching for new ways to make money

Keeping it Simple: Mobile ads generate more interest than TV ads

Sling Media unveils cheaper Slingbox: Time-shifting and place shifting is becoming cheaper

Binge Watchers Good for Advertisers: 20% of binge watchers discuss ads with peers

Fox Wants More Binge Watching Power: Seeks to buy Time Warner to get it

About the Author:

Ryan Polachi is a contributing writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be reached at

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Call for 2014 NGMR Award Nominations: Disruptive Innovation in Marketing Research

TMRE is proud to host two of the industry's most prestigious awards, the annual EXPLOR award and the NGMR Disruptive Innovator Award.

The Next Gen Market Research Award recognizes companies and individuals that have demonstrated outstanding leadership as change agents and made significant contributions to harnessing disruptive innovation to drive research industry progress. This year's winners will receive a complimentary pass to TMRE and the opportunity to present the winning case study during this session. All entries must be received by September 7, 2014.

Each year the NGMR Moderators and Judging Committee evaluate submissions from the over 20,000 members of the most engaged networking group in the consumer insights industry.

The 2014 NGMR Disruptive Innovation in Marketing Research Awards Nominations are no accepting submissions. For more information on what to send, visit Next Gen Market Research™.

Nominations should be sent to NGMRawards [@] by no later than September 7, 2014 and must include two to three paragraphs (no more than one page) of supporting information as well as nominee bio and/or company background. Additionally, on no more than one page, if necessary, you may also attach separately up to two supporting charts/images or videos.

The award will recognize companies and individuals that have demonstrated outstanding leadership as change agents and made significant contributions to harnessing disruptive innovation - technological, methodological or otherwise - to drive research industry progress.

The 2014 NGMR Disruptive Innovation in Marketing Research Awards will be awarded at The Market Research Event (TMRE) in Boca Raton, FL October 20-22.

See who won in 2013.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

World Cup With a World Problem: Illegal Streaming

The 2014 World Cup started in the middle of June and ended on July 13th. This was to be a memorable World Cup not only for the play on the pitch but for the illegal streaming as well. It is estimated that 500,000 people watched the Russia vs. Belgium game illegally.

While this number was high, the more important games had even more viewers. Even though there were legal live streams viewers still watched illegally. According to a poll by The Washington Post, one in five watchers went on "some shady Web site."

Stop the Fight 
 About halfway through the tournament on June 27th, Viaaccess-Orca sent out 2,000 take down notices to illegal live streaming sites. “The success rate varies per content platform but overall we manage to get 35 percent of the streaming links disabled before the game ends.

I think this is a great success rate, especially compared to direct download sites,” David Leporini, Viaccess-Orca Executive Vice President of Marketing, Products and Security said when speaking with TorrentFreak.

Gone Phishing
 Many of these streaming sites can force a user to download Adware disguised as plugins that drain a computer for its processing abilities. While Adware is not technically illegal, it borders on being a virus and runs stealthily on a computer and can cause many problems.

Cybercriminals have also targeted fans with phishing attacks offering free tickets to games. Viaaccess-Orca can measure a section of the viewers through P2P streams and can even see what region of the globe people are watching in. The rest of the audience is viewing through a centralized streaming service, which they cannot track as closely.

Social Implications
Protecting streaming content is also seen on social media sites such as Facebook. If a site was posted to Facebook, it had a 50% chance of being shut down  by Viaaccess-Orca before the game was over. The reason for this is that a shut-down notice needs to process before the game is over to take affect, and when several people post it to Facebook it makes it easier to identify the source.

Internet Safety is a big issue and it is recommended to use the legal safe sites to watch the World Cup as well as other sporting events online. Will this World Cup be remembered for the illegal streaming problem?

Is it likely these sites keep running or will Viaaccess-Orca figure out a way to stop them? What effect does this have on legal mediums such as television and radio? What affect will this have on advertisers for future World Cups if they know their ads are not being watched?

About the Author:

 Ryan Polachi is a contributing writer concentrating his focus on Marketing, Finance and Innovation. He can be reached at

Insights without impact are worthless

As market researchers, we realize it's no longer enough to study the choices that people make; far more important is to understand how and why they make them.

The effects of psychological, social, cognitive and emotional factors on the decisions of consumers are limitless, let alone the impact of social media and technologies.

TMRE 2014 presents you with the most breakthrough applications of insights first, see for yourself, download the brochure.

Disrupt Habit

Charles Duhigg, Author, The Power of Habit 
In this session, Charles Duhigg will explore the science of habit formation, illustrating why we do what we do and how we can change it.

Duhigg explains why the most powerful habits have emotional cores, and how tweaking even one habit can have staggering effects. Duhigg draws from a number of current case studies. 

Harnessing Influence 

Itamar Simonson, Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and Author, Absolute Value 
How people buy things has changed profoundly yet the fundamental thinking about consumer decision making and marketing has not. Most marketers still believe that they can shape consumers' perception and drive their behavior.

In this provocative session, Stanford professor Itamar Simonson shows why current mantras about branding and loyalty are losing their relevance. When consumers base their decisions on reviews from other users, easily accessed expert opinions, price comparison apps, and other emerging technologies, everything changes. Counter to what we frequently hear, consumers will (on average) make better choices and act more rationally.

See all the TMRE 2014 Keynotes here.
Plus, an entire Track Dedicated to Consumer Psychology & Behavioral Economics

• The Behavioral Economics of Creativity| FCB Chicago
• How to Extend Your Brand With Implicit Consumer Insights | Sentient Decision Science & Pepsi
• Behavioral Economics in Action: A Corporate Wellness Case Study | Lockton Dunning Benefits
• Insights Lead to Income: Understanding Motivators Among Hispanics to Drive Increased Sales | Univision Communications

Download the brochure to see full session descriptions.

Insights without impact are worthless. Focus on the business value of insights at TMRE 2014 and hear from more than 150 leaders from inside and outside the industry; learn something new including ways you can apply similar thinking to drive your success and become a true catalyst for impact in Market Research.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How Can Social Analytics Help Provide Global Insights for Media and Entertainment?

TV shows have always spread internationally - especially between USA and UK, but never has more data been available to help compare how they are received by consumers across different countries.

Today, social data and analytics can help review UK reactions to Walking dead, House of cards and even Netflix entry into the UK vs local player LoveFilm.

Are these brands received as enthusiastically in the UK as they were in the US?

Join a complimentary webinar on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST with presenter Pernille Bruun-Jensen, NetBase CMO, to learn more about how Social analytics can help provide global insights for media and entertainment going forward.

Plus see the Netflix LIVE Pulse™ for Brand and hear how you can monitor your brand in real-time,too.

Pernille is a well-rounded international business professional and operator who has lived and worked around the world, and who 'gets the challenges of brands. She led the dramatic turn-around of Intuit's UK operation as General Manager and Global CMO, delivering double digit growth on all dimensions, and winning #1 Best Small Workplace. She has extensive CPG experience from J&J and Kraft/General Foods.

Register for The Consumer Reaction of TV Shows Going Global - Illustrated via Social Analytics webinar today:

Plus, do you want to hear more on this topic? Attend The Media Insights & Engagement Conference in San Diego, CA February 3-5, 2015. This event explores new opportunities with insights-rich decision making.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here’s the Who’s Who at TMRE 2014

In 2013, TMRE hit record-breaking attendance, uniting more of the world’s leading researchers. In 2014, TMRE goes above and beyond and becomes a Catalyst for Impact beyond measure – jam packed with more stories, experiences and value than ever before.

Will you be there?

The Market Research Event 2014
October 20-22, 2014
Boca Raton, Florida

Download the brochure for more details:

Check out who’s attending this year:

20/20 Technology
3 Play Media
3M Company
7th Sense Research
AAA  Northern California
Abbott Diabetes Care
Acceterant Research
AcuPoll Precision Research Inc
Added Value
AID NY Co. Ltd.
Altria Group
American Family Insurance
American Greetings
Analytic Partners
Analytics Quotient
Annik Technology Services
Annik Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.
Answers & Insights
ARAG Group
ASKI International Market Research
Attune LLC
Authentic Response
Aviador and Associates
Bayer Health Care
BBC Worldwide
Bellomy Research
Beta Research Corporation
Blue Research
Borderless Access
Borderless Access Vrindavan Tech Village Building 2A
Boston Childrens Hospital
Bovitz Inc
BrainJuicer Group PLC
Brand Asset Valuator
Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Broadband Dynamics
Brunswick Group
Burke Inc
Burke, Inc.
BuzzBack Market Research
C&C Market Research
C+R Research
Campbell Soup Company
Capital One Home Loans
Centene Corporation
Centrac - a Division of Veris Consulting
Chadwick Martin Bailey
Charles Schwab & Co Inc
Chexx, Inc.
Cint USA Inc
Clarabridge, Inc.
Clear Seas Research
Cleveland Research Company
Columbia Sportswear
Connexion Research
Constellation Brands Inc
Consumer Insights Group
Corporate Research International
Cotton Incorporated
CraginCube Consulting LLC
CRG Global
Critical Mix
CS Space
Daymon Worldwide
Decision Analyst
Decision Analyst Inc
Deckers Outdoor Corporation
Del Taco Inc
Dialogue Research
Directions Research
Discovery Research
Edward Jones
Elanco Animal Health
Eli Lilly & Company
Emotion Mining
EmPower Research
Erie Insurance
Estudio Silvia Roca
Federated Sample
Focus Coast to Coast
Focus Forward
Focus Vision Worldwide
Food Network
Forbes Consulting
Fresh Intelligence
Fruit of the Loom
Fuld & Company
G3 Translate / Gazelle Global Research
GE Healthcare
Global Market Research Group
GMO Research
GOJO Industries
Gongos Research
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
Hall & Partners
Hamilton Beach Brands Inc
Harris Interactive
Hotspex Inc
Ideas to Go
Illumination Research
Imagitas a Pitney Bowes Company
In4mation Insights
InContext Solutions
Information Alliance
Innerscope Research
Insight Express
Insight Marketing Systems (Research Reporter)
Insights IQ
Insights Now
Intelligence Bank
Intuit Inc
IW Group Inc
Ixaris Systems Ltd
Jaguar Land Rover North America LLC
Jester & Genius LLC
Jo Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
Johnson & Johnson Inc
JP Morgan Chase
JTI Macdonald Corp
Juniper Networks
Keen Strategy
Kimberly Clark Corporation
KL Communications
Kohler Company
L & E Research
Land O Lakes Inc
Leigh Bureau
Lieberman Research Worldwide
Lightspeed Research
Link Group
Lionbridge Technologies Inc
Luminosity Marketing
Luth Research LLC
Lux Insights
Lynx Research Consulting
M D Anderson Cancer Center
M/A/R/C Research
M3, Inc.
MARC Research
Maritz Research
Market Cube
Market Strategies International
Marketing Arm
Marketing Systems Group (MSG)
Marketing Workshop
MarketTools Inc
MarketTools, Inc.
MarketVision Research
Mars Petcare
Mavens US
MAXimum Research Inc
McCormick & Company Inc
Meredith Corporation
Metric Studios
MFS Investment Management
Migdal-Underwood Consulting
Millward Brown
Millward Brown Corporate
Mindwave Research
Mktg, Inc
Morpace Inc
Motivequest LLC
Motorola Solutions
MSW.ARS Research
Murphy Research
Neiman Marcus
Nestle Nutrition/Gerber
New Consumer Solutions
Newry Corp
Noldus Information Tech Inc
Novo Nordisk
Now What
Offerwise Hispanic Research
Olson Research Group
Opinion Access Corporation
Opinion Research Corporation
Opinionology (formerly Western Wats)
Opinions, Ltd
ORC International
Outerwall Coinstar Redbox
Pacific World Cosmetics
Paradigm Sample
Passenger Inc
Pennsylvania State University
PepsiCo UK Ltd
Pert Group
Phoenix Marketing
Phoenix Marketing International
POS Tuning
Post Foods
Procter & Gamble
Productive Access Inc
PT Kadence International
Publix Super Markets Inc
Q Solutions
QualQaunt Signals
Quick Test/Heakin
Radius Global Market Research
Ramius Corporation
Research & Marketing Strategies
Research Now
Research Panel Asia
Research Results Inc
Resource Systems Group Inc
Revelation Inc
Reynolds American Inc
Roll Global
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Sachs Insights
Sam's Club
Samsung Telecommunications America
Saputo Dairy Foods USA
Schlesinger Associates
Scholle Packaging
Scripps Networks
Seek Research
Sentient Decision Science
Shell Oil Company
Sherwin Williams
Simon Analytics
SIS International Research
Skim Analytics
Smarty Pants
Smith Hanley Associates
SoapBox Sample
Socratic Technologies
Strategic Research Partners
Subaru of America Inc
Summit Holdings
SunTrust Bank Inc
Survey Sampling International
Swift Prepaid Solutions
Symrise Inc
Teva Pharmaceuticals
TGaS Advisors
The Center for Strategy Research
The Clorox Company
The Home Depot
The Logit Group
The Olinger Group
The Pert Group
Thoroughbred Research
Thrivent Financial
TracFone Wireless Inc
Travelers Insurance
Travis Research Associates Inc
TriggerPoint Behavioral Research
Turner Broadcasting
Ugam Solutions
Umongous LLC (AYTM)
Univ of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Ct
Univision Communications
Univision Direct
VeraQuest Research
Verizon Wireless
Vision Critical
Vital Findings
Waggle Dance
Wilson Jill Associates Inc
ZS Associates
Join us today and connect with the best from around the world. Mention code TMRE14BL & Save 15% off the standard rate. Register today:

The TMRE Team