Friday, October 10, 2014

How Authentic is your brand? Firefish study helps you steer these waters

The concept of authenticity has real relevance to the people who buy your brand and, as such, it is an important selling point and driver of value for brands themselves. However, the exact meaning of it can be elusive and hard to define.

Insight consultancy, Firefish set out to help brands navigate this space, and recently published a report defining its characteristics so that brands can take better control of their own authenticity:

• Navigate authenticity to make it more tangible in their offering and communication
• Demystify the term in order that it can be used more meaningfully
• Locate their true source of authenticity and demonstrate it with integrity.

You can find links to a detailed summary, including their ‘ten commandments of authenticity’ over at

Check out which brands ranked in the top 50 as the most authentic, how these eight values; the abilities to be genuine, original, unique, expert, visionary, passionate and honest, and finally integrity, comprise “authenticity.” As well eight rules and ten commandments for authenticity, followed by the Brand Authenticity Checklist for practical steps to becoming more authentic.

Firefish is an award-winning, independent, strategic insight consultancy based in London, New York & Amsterdam. They combine deep understanding of people with expertise in Brands, Communication and Culture, to inspire and deliver insight, ideas and strategy to some of the world’s leading brands on all continents.

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