Sunday, November 16, 2014

MobileMR 2015: The latest advances in mobile market research technologies & methodologies

The Mobile Market Research Workshop, is a one-day immersion uncovering the latest advances in mobile market research technologies and methodologies taking place in New York City on December 5, 2014. Join leading industry experts for four highly curated and interactive workshops designed to showcase dramatic advances in mobile research in action!

This one day event is brought to you by the producers of The Market Research Event, the world's #1 research and insights event, and the Mobile Market Research Association, a global trade association dedicated to the development and promotion of conducting market research on mobile devices.

Featured workshops:

Mobile Video for Quant and Qual with VoxPopMe

This highly interactive workshop will demonstrate the power of video and show why video should be a significant part of your MR toolkit. The results of a recent study comparing video feedback to open-ended text responses will be revealed. Participants will also be able to set up and run a real-time VoxPopMe campaign and capture 25 videos during the session.

Finding interesting ways video technology is being utilized, including integration into existing survey platforms and how WI-FI and Beacons can be used to trigger in-moment requests for video feedback will be discussed.

Key Learnings: 

How video and mobile combine to provide the highest quality in-moment insight

Sharing a recent study comparing open-ended text responses to video responses

Leveraging tools to quickly understand large, cumbersome video data sets

The future of video in market research

Mobile Millennials & Real-Time Research with YPulse

While the consumer is ready, willing and able to answer questions on the fly and in real-time, are you ready to incorporate real-time insights into your decision making process? By utilizing a new breed of real-time research tools, brands, manufacturers and retailers have the ability to incorporate consumer  feedback into lightning-fast production and merchandising schedules.

The question is, are companies comfortable making decisions at the speed at which consumers are willing to give their opinions?

This workshop will explore tools that have been designed to enable real-time feedback to companies as well as their relative success or failure in cannibalizing traditional decision-making tools.

Join us this next month as we give you the tools to leverage the mobile frontier to increase your ROI and get closer to your consumers.  Check out the full program here.

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