Monday, December 15, 2014

This Week In Market Research: 12/8/14 - 12/12/14

Voice Polls Becomes An Effective Platform For Market Research: The app is creating a new market research tool

6 Predictions For The $125 Billion Big Data Analytics Market in 2015

Big Data Source Code: Getting Better All The Time

Save Your Data Science Innovation Until the Market Is Ready: Marketing can help pinpoint the best timing of release

4 Ways to Innovate Using Big Data and Analytics

Crowdsourced Intelligence Tools: A smart move for middle size business

Users hate your App's Awful UX: Study reveals that if users don't like your app then its probably more about the look and feel than its functionality

How Big Data Improves Sales Management and Predicts Performance: Going beyond key performance indicators

Is Business Intelligence Software Right For You? Why you should use it

Big Data Is Blurring Industry Lines At Companies Like Nike via Forbes

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