Tuesday, February 10, 2015

InsightTech’s Full Brochure Released

Updated Program Details Now Available!  Download the Brochure: http://bit.ly/1zSM6Bi

Market researchers are in a transitional point in their careers. They are being challenged with new and advanced technologies, as well as, major business process changes including, lean product development, remote collaboration and accelerated cycles.

Traditional Research is not enough. How do you evolve as a researcher? What technologies and methodologies do you need to stay updated on?  What will market research look like in the near future? 

Plus, $400 Early Registration Savings extended to today, Tuesday 2/10: http://bit.ly/1vC1ELt

At InsighTech 2015 Noted Futurist and Market Research Executive, Robert Moran will take you on a tour of the industry's past and alternative futures.  Discover which social, economic and technological factors are shaping the futures of market research and what that will mean to you and your career.  

Joining Robert on stage: 
·         Why Surveys are Necessary but Not Sufficient: Blending Old and New Methods for Understanding Digital Consumers
Stacey Symonds, Senior Director of Consumer Insights, Orbitz Worldwide
·         Evolving Organizational Intelligence Structure: Where does Market Research Fit?
Dr. William MacElroy, Chairman, Socratic Technologies, Inc.
·         Innovations in Survey Research
Samrat Saran, Sr. Manager, Consumer Insights, PepsiCo
·         Combining Data from Mobile Behavior, Survey Responses, and Online Discussions To Uncover Why Some Apps Keep Users Engaged More Than Others
Nicole Dvorak, Data Scientist, Forrester Research

Download our just released conference brochure: http://bit.ly/1zSM6Bi

We know the old techniques aren't working... Do you have the insight and tools needed to deal with this new future? Join us at InsighTech.

Register by today, Tuesday, 2/10 and save $400: http://bit.ly/1vC1ELt

The InsighTech Team

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