Thursday, April 30, 2015

Customer Experience Conversations: Janet LeBlanc

Today, the customer experience (CX) landscape is drastically changing with the explosion of new and emerging technologies affecting the customer journey. With all of this change, it is now more important than ever to understand what it takes to create a strategic customer experience program.

That’s why we recently sat down with Janet LeBlanc, president, Janet LeBlanc + Associates Inc., to discuss the state of CX today and what’s in store for the future. She is speaking at the upcoming Total CX Leaders Conference 2015 this spring in Miami. 

This year, the two-day conference brings together thought-leadership to focus on higher level thinking around the strategic alignment of customer strategy, technology and business aspirations. Linking data driven behavior to business results, designing next generation customer experiences and measuring the impact of your customer programs is the difference between great and greater.

Here’s what LeBlanc had to say:

IIR: What is the best customer experience you’ve had?

LeBlanc: The best customer experiences—the type of interactions that make me shout-out and tell everyone about how a company has made me feel—are those interactions where I know a company has paid attention to every detail. They have created moments for employees to make memorable connections with me and recognize that the “devil is in the details.” It is the little things, micro-moments that stand out and speak so loudly about a company. Customer-centric organizations define the moments that matter most to customers and design an experience that shows it makes every effort to exceed expectations.

IIR: What is top of mind for you regarding customer experience in 2015?

LeBlanc: Teaching senior leaders how to build a customer-centric culture is what’s top of mind for me in 2015. The senior leader is fundamental to the success of any customer experience transformation. Our North American Study on Customer Centricity shows that less than half of those surveyed consider customer experience a recurring leadership agenda, and 67 percent don’t consider their companies’ leaders to be customer centric. Our goal is to educate the senior leader on how to be a role model for customer-centric behaviors. Customer-centric leaders channel the voice of the customer and build strategic alignment across the enterprise that creates a company-wide focus on the customer.

IIR: What is your prediction for where customer experience is going this year and beyond?

LeBlanc: We predict more organizations will embrace customer experience as a cultural imperative and recognize it as a competitive differentiator. Almost three quarters of business leaders who took part in our North American Study on Customer Centricity are in the early stages of transformation towards a customer-centric organization. Those organizations that have achieved customer centricity have the commitment of the entire organization. They understand the ideal customer experience and how to consistently deliver it across multiple channels.

Want to hear more from LeBlanc? Don’t miss her keynote session, “From Lip-Service to Measurable Change: How to Drive Customer-Centricity” at Total CX Leaders Conference 2015 this June in Miami. For more information about the event or to register, click here:

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