Monday, April 20, 2015

This Week In Market Research: 4/13/15 - 4/17/15

Everyone Understands Big Data... Or Not: Now there are more categories of data from people data to line of business data

The Future Of SEO and Marketing Through Television: Shifting from watching to streaming

Vendors Race To Provide Big Data Infrastructure: Data location is the determining factor of many big data analytics decisions

Did Video Kill Text Content Marketing? It's not time to bury print yet

How Smart Apps Create Value From Big Data: Applying data science has potential to create substantial financial impact

Dirty Social Media Data: Misguiding brands tracking consumer behavior

20 Techniques for Designing Great User Experiences

The Future Of Customer Service Is Now: Expanding technology allows for enhanced personalized experiences

Business Intelligence vs. Competitive Intelligence: Utilizing both in order to improve your business

ROI Of Content Marketing: Measuring exposure and other tools to help you succeed

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