Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to Successfully Transition to an Omni-Channel Culture

Barry C. Collin explains how to achieve an omni-channel culture during Total CX Leaders Conference, June 4, 2015.
"Omni-channel=Omni-change. Almost everyone is impacted. Omni-channel requires just about every employee to think, interact, and execute differently," explained Barry C. Collin, CEO, Collin Group, Inc.
Barry maintains that omni-channel is not so much a "surprise" or "delight." It's simply expected by customers. For this reason, an omni-channel culture helps build strong customer commitment.
According to Barry, the key to creating an omni-channel culture is "Cultural Middleware." This approach includes internal people throughout your organization who understand your company's many internal subtleties. They understand the processes, concerns, communication issues, and the connections required to achieve an omni-channel culture. They also build the necessary connections between people, current systems and processes, and omni-channel thinking and operations.

Need a primer or refresher on omni-channel? Here are two articles to help get you started:
- "A Definitive Definition of Omni-Channel, Finally" by Jeff Nicholson
- "The Omni-Channel Experience: Marketing Meets Ubiquity" by Daniel Newman

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