Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Your Most Important Customer is Your Employee

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"Without caring there can be no quality." - Joel A. Barker, Author of Future Edge

According to Andrew Walpole, Manager of Experience Design, Jack in the Box Inc., "Your customer knows when you care, and when you don't." By harnessing your organization's untapped potential, you can create a sustainable culture of learning and innovation to benefit your employees, and ultimately your customers.

During Total CX Leaders Conference, Andrew explained how "a leader's job is to design the experience of work" and how this strategy guided their transformation from an internal training department to Jack's University, the learning and development function at Jack in the Box:

1. Have a vision, but co-construct the strategy. It's OK to be fuzzy. Let the team provide the lens to focus it. The strategy should move you toward the vision state. Let your vision evolve.

2. Set clear expectations for everyone. Promote change and movement toward your vision. Hold people accountable. Role-model your expectations. Let strategy define a new way to work.

3. Inspire a movement. Start doing something. Be public about it. Commit to your strategy, own it, don't let culture steer you off course.

4. Empower employees to own their expertise. Give them purpose beyond the needs of the business. Let them write it into their job description. Align what people want to do with what needs to be done.

The result?
- A new work environment
- An empowered, motivated, successful group recognized by company leaders
- New vision and strategy

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