Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Life is full of "micromoments" retailers need to capitalize on

The World of "Search"- we go on there with a purpose and a specific intent to go on there. We see 100 Billion searches every month- and we’re seeing a rise in these coming from mobile. They’re searching with an intent to shop. Vikram Tank of Google delivered an insightful presentation to describe these "micromoments" consumers are on mobile that brands need to take advantage of. 

Intent and immediacy

We’re tuning in more than ever. We’re doing this on multiple devices. With less time, consumers are ticking in a higher conversion rate.

Moments are those short times you are on your phone when the user is in control. Brands and retails don’t have too much time to play.

Micromoments- These are where brands can flourish. Users are showing intent to do something with a brand or retailer- where to go to lunch, watching makeup videos. These happen throughout the day. These opportunities are replacing those longer research at the desktop

Tank described 4 different micromoments and how brands can play a role.

 I want to know
To look up anything and everything. They are immediately satisfying their curiosity. 66% of people pick up their phone too looking up info in the middle of a conversation.
This is multi-tasking at its’ finest.
I want to go
The “what’s near me” searches- they show intent of where consumes are going. 50% of consumers who search out a place on their phone end up going there within 2 days; 18% of them actually make purchases. What happens to the rest? They don’t go- they’re afraid something will be out of stock – they don’t want to waste the time since they’re not fully convinced.
Looking at these searches- people aren’t looking up brands- they’re looking to meet their needs. Brands need to provide a more useful experience here.

I want to do
These are really under the radar and brands can play a role here. Online tutorials allow people to learn themselves. Retailers need to take advantage here and really offer the support and experience customers want.
I want to buy
When purchase decisions are being made. There are many funnels and consumer are jumping down at different points. 82% of consumer use their smartphone while in a store.
BUT, where are these conversions happening? Conversion rates on desktop are 2X higher- we need to work on making it easier for consumers to purchase on mobile where all of this research is being done.
While in store, 1 in 4 people have changed their mind about buying something while in check-out line because of something they saw on their phone.

Topics that live across all moments;
                                Research and ability have allowed us to demand immediacy and this is not going away.
                Higher expectations
                                No one wants to deal with the annoyances of inserting address over and over.
                Loyal to needs

                                People know their needs and want them to be met. 

Janel Parker, Market Research Consultant at SKIM, an international consultancy and marketing research agency, has a background in Marketing and Psychology from Cornell University. Her previous experience at a social media agency combined with her knowledge from SKIM provide for a unique understanding of the relationships between social media and marketing. She can be reached at

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