Monday, July 20, 2015

OmniShopper Day 1: The blades of a windmill - my new favorite metaphor

- Kitty Hart, Capsule

For 15 years, retailers and brands have gathered at this conference for jam-packed days of shopper insight education. Obviously, the world was different 15 years ago. So it was quite appropriate that Shopper Insights changed its name to OmniShopper. The growth of the internet and technology in general have driven all brands to consider new channels and a need to focus on all channels consistently.

Ah, music to our ears. The philosophy of engaging through multiple channels and all senses when possible is what we’ve preached ourselves over the past 15 years ourselves. So I settled in this morning to hear about approach and tactics. And I’ll admit, I made sure I was fully caffeinated. Sometimes these conversations can be a bit dry.

But it looks like this week’s line-up of speakers and topics will bring new thinking, practices and insights into the conversation. From this morning alone, I’m jittery from Jonathan MacDonald’s windmill blades. Understanding modern context, leveraging opportunities in disintermediation and managing perpetual change is the driving energy behind business success or failure. No more talk about the third leg of the stool. I'm digging this new metaphor.

MacDonald’s rundown of the evolution of discovery, investment, ownership, design, energy, connectivity, relationships, experience, presence, touch, banking, production, information and more was fascinating. You see, we’re writing a book on the physics of brand. We’re intrigued with the topic of why and how brands exist in our lives. How can the intangible manifest and hold such significant grip on our hearts? Well, when MacDonald talked about the technology that travels through your bloodstream to carry information to your brain, I knew we were in for a ride.

MacDonald set the bar pretty high on this first day. He is not a Futurist. He is a Now-ist. His message of “managing perpetual change” could probably be translated to “get off your asterisk and make sure you have disruption inside your organization.”

We are off to an aggressive start here in Day 1 of OmniShopper. So enjoy the plush surrounds of the Radisson Blu while you can. When you get back to your office you’ve got some disrupting to do.

Kitty Hart

I am the HartofCapsule, caring for our clients, friends, colleagues and partners. When I’m not deep in strategy and design thought, I dream of belting out Diana Krall tunes in the blue haze of a nightclub. Until that dream is realized, I help Capsule’s clients understand and rise above business challenges through designed conversations.

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