Wednesday, August 12, 2015

As Media Transforms, So Does TV

By: Kazon Robinson

Change, when considered, occurs all the time on a 24/7 basis. From simple things such as changing our socks or to complex concepts such as a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into an amazing butterfly. Change is all around us and it is most ingrained within the media.

Over the last several decades, media has changed drastically. Whether it is TV’s introduction in the 60s or the revolution of social media, the medium has changed profoundly throughout the world. So with the change of the medium there is also a shift in the media presently. TV, specifically throughout the 60s continuing to this day. That can be seen in the way houses and back drops for houses were built differently but still held some similarities.

A quirky infographic by Terry Fabrics tells of the family household transition beginning from the 1960s to the 2010s. From it we can gather information about the transformation of media.

Thus we can see the transition of trends in design and fabrics. For example, the most common piece of furniture in most of the infographics is a sofa. Now of course the design is different for each of them but many share this key component. A sofa is usually meant as a sign of comfort or relaxation in their own home. It is often a welcoming sign for guests who are allowed a seat. That is nearly never changing in the infographics. That excludes shows such as: Dallas and The Brady Bunch. This implies a trend in living room design and how depending on certain times and certain situations the design of a living room was altered.

While all the living rooms differ in many ways with some containing family portraits, while others containing plants. The one thing kept similar is the feature of a coffee table. While some are very simplistic such as Dallas in their color and design choice, others are complex such as Friends with its arts and portraits. However, despite their difference they are similar in having a coffee table of some sort. That constant trend shows how while media has changed vastly in a comparison of 60 years there are trends that still go on to this day due to the impact of prior media.

In the end, media is no doubt changing constantly. Some trends follow into another decade while others fade into memory. Whether a trend does not fall into memory it goes to be a buzz, the idea of the trend was not pulled from the void. In fact, it was inspired by countless other trends that still persist to this day.

About the Author: Kazon Robinson is currently a Marketing Intern at IIR USA and a high school student at All Hallows. Kazon helps oversee and revise the data entry of spreadsheets with information relating to investors, twitter handles, and conferences. He also has experience interacting with other writers from participating in the AH Writers and Authors Club. He has previously worked at Bronxworks Betances Community Center as an Office Assistant where he provided professional service and directions for callers. He can be reached

Check out the infographic below:

Iconic TV Living Rooms
Iconic TV Living Rooms by Terrys Fabrics.

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