Thursday, September 3, 2015

10 Ways You Innovate Your Shopper Strategy to Increase Revenue

The shopper journey to purchase is a lot more complicated than it used to be. Technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and shopper preferences are constantly changing. Creating a true end-to-end Omnichannel customer experience is absolutely key for companies operating in today's market.

OmniShopper International 2015 will give you the tools you need to innovate your shopper strategy in order to increase revenue and thrive in this new retail world. Here’s how:

EMBRACE OMNICHANNEL: Understand how technology and people are key to delivering true end-to-end omnichannel experiences with Simon RussellDirector, Retail Operations Development at John Lewis Partnership.
BE DIGITAL: Learn how to bridge offline shopper experience and the digital world with Valerie Bolliet, Global Shopper Marketing DA, Consumer Lifestyle at Philips.

ENGAGE THE CONSUMER: Barbara Pederzolli, Shopper & Commercial Insights Senior Manager, Central & Southern Europe at Coca-Cola will share how to optimize in-store communication probing the mind of the shopper.

BOOST YOUR BRAND:  Hear from Luis Fernandes, Global, Customer & Shopper Director at Campofrio Food Group, how to Use shopper insights to boost a brand relaunch along the entire path to purchase.

SPOT TRENDS: Hear about emerging channels & trends with Eric Fuchs, Non Food Online & Multichannel Bizdev Director at Carrefour France.

TAKE RISKS: Caspar Berry, Professional Poker Player & CEO of Risk Taking and Decision Making Limited, will talk about how risk taking and decision making complement each other in Poker, Business and Life.

UTILIZE BIG DATA: Learn how to turn big data into insights with Olin Novak, Marketing Director at Tesco.

THINK LIKE A MILLENNIAL: Learn how to create a social organization that Matches Today's Millennial Shoppers with Nahal Yousefian, Head of Human Resources at Tesco Europe.

STAY COMPETITIVE: Want to know how to compete in the age of the omni-shopper? Steve Hildebrand, Director and Owen McCabe, Director of Consulting at Kantar Retail Europe will tell you.

INNOVATE THE EXPERIENCE: HervĂ© Turpault, MD Europe, Perception Research Services will talk about application and innovations in eye-tracking and the shopper.

Innovate your shopper strategy in Paris with us this fall!

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