Tuesday, October 20, 2015

GfK’s Market Research Survey Reveals Industry Insights at TMRE 2015

In less than 2 weeks, market research leader GfK will be revealing the results of its Future of Insights Survey at The Market Research Event (TMRE), November 2-4. The survey reveals in depth insights into the state of the industry. Register now to see the unveiling LIVE: http://bit.ly/1M51td4

Here are some highlights that have come out of GfK’s Future of Insights Survey so far:

·         Is the market research industry revolutionizing or just evolving?
It depends on where you sit!
Clients want to revolutionize the way that research is done, while suppliers are looking to evolve.

·         Are clients and suppliers aligned on their top goals for 2016?
When generating actionable insights, difficulty in being timely is a top impact for clients, while adopting new, innovative methodologies is a leading impact for suppliers.

·         Which is more important: innovation or speed?
Turns out research innovation is still important, but not at the expense of speed! Suppliers are focused on new methodologies to create insights, but are misaligned with clients on the importance of delivering impactful insights quickly.

·         What is the market research industry craving?
The industry is craving leadership!
Clients feel a more imminent change in the market research industry, while suppliers are pressured to keep pace with a focus on new, innovative methodologies that can deliver impactful and timely insights.

This is just a sample of the insights into the state of the industry that GfK and IIR will be revealing at TMRE 2015 taking place November 2-4 in Orlando, Florida, as we release the results of Future of Insights Survey. Follow #FOInsights on Twitter and Facebook for more survey results at TMRE.

As a valued member of our LinkedIn community, you get an exclusive $100 off the current rate when you use code TMRE15LI. Register for TMRE 2015 now to see the unveiling LIVE: http://bit.ly/1M51td4

We hope to see you in Orlando!

The TMRE 2015 Team


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