Thursday, December 3, 2015

Call for Presenters for TMRE Next: The New Face of Consumer Insights

We are currently seeking presenters for:

TMRE Next: The New Face of Consumer Insights
May 2016, West Coast
Deadline: Wednesday, December 9th

*Please note this call for papers is ONLY for Client side companies. If you are a consultant, solution provider, vendor interested in speaking on the 2016 program please scroll to the bottom of this email for details on how to submit.

Formerly knowns at InsighTech - TMRE Next: The New Face of Consumer Insights is an in-depth follow-up to The Market Research Event (TMRE) 2015. This program will show how to action key hot topics and themes explored at TMRE 2015. The content presented at this event will evolve the skill sets of those within market research and consumer insights so that they can remain competitive and relevant. It explores what's next in consumer insights and what it means for you. Key areas explored include: Collaboration, Re-thinking skill sets necessary for success, Innovations in market research & consumer insights, setting up your organization and team for success, re-framing the problem, actionable frameworks, storytelling and a variety of sessions showing you how research projects were executed and what it means for you.

We are looking for NEW workshops, case studies and interactive experiences that can be ACTIONED. All sessions need to clearly show the "how to" behind the content presented.

See below for specifics. Have another idea? Let us know - anything is possible.

1. Deep Dive Case Studies: Have a NEW story to share? We are looking for deep dive case studies that will show: What you tried, what worked, what didn't and what you recommend. Can you share a real life research project success story? Tell us how it was executed?

2. Workshops: Do you have a hands on workshop that could help market researchers evolve their skill set? Understand new frameworks? Show them how to use new tools?   

We are looking for presentations in the areas listed below as well as any other areas/topics that you think would be a great addition to the 2016 program.

Skill Building:

1. Prioritizing
2. Data Visualization
3. Talking to C-Suite
4. Text Analysis- How to make things useful
6. Moving people to be an independent thinkers
7. Tracking Progress
8. Collaboration :Collaboration strategies to integrate all sources of data - collaborate across different units to ensure impact of insights
9. Your Strategy for Success: How do you succeed internally? How do we become internal change agents?

Deep Dive Case Studies:

1. Bridging the speed vs rigor - data quality angle
2. How to approach Global: Best Practices and Practical Tips
3. How do you build an insights function?
4. Making Insights immediately relevant
5. DIY vs external Insights: Working in house vs external- Why? What do you send out?
6. Budget: Getting the Most from your research budget: How do we do the same for less?
7. Bridging the speed vs rigor - data quality angle
8. How to approach Global: Best Practices and Practical Tips
Teams & Organizational Structure: Structuring Your Teams for Success
1. Team structures and reporting lines
                a. Structure and Organization The future face of the insights team (structure, prioritizing, DIY)
                b. Matrix For Team Development
                c. Where do people report to? Skill Sets needed? How do budgets work (centralized budgets? Internal client chargebacks? Hybrid?)?


1. Storytelling
2. Data Visualization
3. Public Speaking
4. Innovation
5. Reframing the Problem
Re-framing the problem - the right questions to ask early on - what does the business need
6. Frameworks
                - Process models
                - Communication Framework
                - Product Development Framework
                - Innovation
                - Business Sizing
                - MEOWS Framework

Reimagining Client Vendor Relationships:

1. Navigating the Future of Client/ Vendor Relationships
2. Baseline- Finding new Suppliers
                i. Vendor selection: Maintaining the ones you have, selecting new vendors
Additional Topics of Interest:

1. Creating Engagement
2. Insights from Scratch: Insights for Startups -Departments of 1 :  What is working and what isn't 
3. Managing & Working with Global teams
4. How do you set yourself so you can enable research innovation
5. How are projects prioritized? Is there a system?
6. Budget: Where does funding come from?
7. When you don't own data, how do you play in the data economy? How do you partner w/ partners that do own the data.
8. Gamification
9. Creating a Culture of Innovation and Growth
10. Neuromarketing
11. Trends: Internet  of Things/ AI/ Culture/ Next Gen
12. Mobile Research Innovation
13. Visualization Analytics

CLIENT SIDE COMPANIES ONLY: Due to the high volume of submissions, only accepted proposals will be notified. For consideration, please email with the following information by Wednesday, December 2, 2015:

• Proposed speaker name(s), job title(s), and company name(s)
• 3-4 Sentence Bio
• The topic your session would cover
• Session Title
• Session Description (60 words or less)- What is new and unique? What will the audience gain from this presentation?
• Your complete Mailing Address, best contact number, best email.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  All vendors, consultants, agencies and solutions providers that would like to get involved in TMRE Next: The New Face of CI should contact Sponsorship Director, Jon Saxe at  or at 646.895.7467

All the best,

The TMRE Next Team

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