Monday, January 11, 2016

Shedding Some Light on Marketing to Generations

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“If my generation is remembered for anything, it will be as the last one that remembers the world before the Internet.” - Lev Grossman, author

Every generation wants to be remembered. If you know what drives them, what inspires them, you'll win their loyalty. 

Millennials, for instance, are inspired by music. According to "Why Music is an Effective Millennial Marketing Tool" by Micala Wright, "music is an emotional touchpoint for Millennials. Music is powerful because it is content, and it stimulates social interaction and drives loyalty."

Learn more about generations in the marketplace during the Media Insights & Engagement Conference Feb. 1-3 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Here are two presentations you'll want to check out: 

- Keynote speaker Neil Howe, best-selling author of Millennials Rising, presents "Generations: Lifestyles and Workstyles." You'll experience a fascinating journey through the life stories of older generations and an inspiring message about how to unleash the potential of today's rising generation. 

- Keynote speaker Erica Orange, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, The Future Hunters, presents "Cybrids: The Future Begins Now." Cybrids (Gen Z), are the first generation in history to have a truly symbiotic relationship with technology. You'll learn what makes this generation tick and how businesses will have to accommodate these young, new consumers in the future.

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Session descriptions are from the Media Insights & Engagement Conference brochure.

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