Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How the Social TV Landscape is Evolving

Photo by Pierre Bouillot

During the Media Insights & Engagement Conference earlier this month, Erika Faust, SVP, Client Service, Nielsen Social, presented "The Evolving Social TV Landscape." 

Why does social media matter for TV? According to Erika:
- Social TV corresponds with audience engagement through total earned activity.
- Social TV relates to TV ratings through the differences by social network.
- Social TV benefits advertisers through paid media.

Here are additional insights she shared on the social TV transformation:

- Social networking is growing. 60% of smartphone and tablet owners use devices while watching TV at least once a week.

- Minute-by-minute fans respond to linear TV. Twitter activity has a strong (79.5%) correlation to neurological engagement, a signal of general audience engagement. Social activity spikes during live airings.

- Authors that tweet about programs can drive earned media for advertisers. 

- Social activity could help signal TV premiere success. Twitter data helps anticipate 5 out of 10 new series premieres for 18-34 audiences. 

- Linear drives most tweets about TV today. 92% of tweets from streaming and linear group are about linear programs.

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