Friday, February 19, 2016

What Did We Learn About TV in 2015?

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During the Media Insights & Engagement Conference this month, Jon Giegengack and Peter Fondulas, Principals, Hub Entertainment Research, presented "2015: Top TV Trends." 

Here are their key findings:

1. TV, Redefined: fundamental changes in when, where and how people watch TV.
More viewers set their own TV schedule: 53% of episodes are time-shifted in some way. 42% prefer to time shift even current shows over watching them live.
- More online shows are watched on TV sets: 71%.
- 56% binge view (watch 3+ episodes in a row) at least occasionally.
- The end result: Live TV is becoming situational rather than a default.

2. MVPs: Most Valuable Providers. Viewers see new TV sources as a better deal.
- Netflix is perceived as the TV source that provides the best value for the money.
- In general, pay TV subscribers who also have Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) feel their SVOD service delivers much better value.

3. TV, Everywhere (TVE): On paper, it's an ideal solution. So why isn't adoption higher?
- 71% of the pay TV customers who could be using TVE, are not because . . .  
. . . they don't know about it. 53% of those who have not used TVE say they didn't know it existed.
. . . they don't understand it. 54% of people who have not tried TVE believe it costs extra to use.
. . . there are easier alternatives. 49% don't use TVE as much as they could because Netflix and Hulu are easier to use.
. . . and less complicated ones. 49% say the difficulty of finding shows across many apps, networks and providers reduces the appeal of TVE.

4. Content Overload: Viewers have embraced the volume of TV available online. Now they need a way to navigate it.

Their conclusions:

1. Viewers create DIY bundles with multiple sources and multiple devices.

2. They are excited about content options, and use them. People spend more time on shows they really love. They choose platforms with deeper catalogs and stacked episodes.

3. Right now the options are too hard to manage. It's hard to know where to start. Discovery drives choice of platform. Biggest want is universal discovery.

4. SVOD providers are the best. They make discovery easy.

5. TVE could reduce this gap, but most who could use it don't.

6. Create more users by showing the value proposition of TVE - how is it different? Provide consistency for a simpler experience.

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davidjsalmon said...

A lot have changed since the last year. There are more and more TV viewers now. TV shows are becoming increasingly popular.