Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Research Teams Can Stay Relevant in the Digital Age

“Embrace consumers in a transparent fashion. The people are the heroes now”

Is your research operations team ready for the new face of consumer insights? Today, it’s key for research teams to remain relevant in the midst of changing digital age and be able to create a roadmap to success to stay relevant.

That’s why we sat down with Robert Moran, Partner, Brunswick Group Global Head of Insight, who knows this well and offers fellow industry professional some advice on the subject.

How are research operations teams changing in the digital age?

Moran: Many aren’t and that’s a problem for them and their organizations.  The short answer is that they need to invest heavily in social media and traditional media listening skills, become much faster and more agile and act as futurists – anticipating trends based on a wide array of inputs.

What is your advice to traditional researchers trying to stay relevant in the fast changing market research and consumer insights space?

Moran: Strengthen your synthesis skills, drawing insights from a number of data streams.  
Focus on speed and time to insight. The political polling community may be a source of inspiration here.
Work to dramatically improve your communications to management. Most market research is poorly communicated.

What is the best way to build a high performance team in today’s MRX world?

Moran: Hire for curiosity, energy and communications ability. The field has traditionally over-focused on hiring for managers of the research process. That was rational when the objective was gathering data, but is less helpful when data is ubiquitous.

Why is it important to be an agile market research today?

Moran: A significant portion of market research is locked up in brand trackers that cost too much to answer basic, 20th century questions about the business. Budgets need to be dramatically reworked to answer critical, in-the-moment questions that management has at the strategic level.

How can a company create a research innovation culture?

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