Monday, May 16, 2016

Insights to Reach Shoppers Where they Plan, Shop & Share at OmniShopper

What does the physical store environment have in common with a digital shopping cart and a mobile phone?

Even just five years ago it may have been difficult to bring the pieces together, but in today's retail landscape, it's easier to connect the dots. It's a connected consumer.

You know that the retail industry has been undergoing a major transformation. But what are you doing to adapt and keep up with the changes? Let OmniShopper 2016 be your partner for success.
OmniShopper has a reputation for attracting the most elite and sharp-minded retailers in the industry. 

The 2016 event is no exception. We're uniting retailers with their brand partners to, collaboratively define the new retailer/manufacturer partnership and address total store shopability to create successful omnichannel experiences now and in the future.

Featured sessions include:

·, Lowe's Home Improvement, Unliever, PepsiCo and ConAgra discuss The State of the Industry: The Future of Retail, including technologies driving retail innovations, complete shopper control, how the rise of eCommerce/omnichannel mentality has impacted traditional retail sales and much more.
·         Mall of America reveals how they used emerging technologies like robotics, virtual reality, social media and mobile to Innovate the Physical Retail Space.
·         Wrigley explores how to Collaborate to Drive Impulse in an Evolving Retailer Landscape. 
·         The Hershey Company, Bayer and Campbell Soup share how to Reach Shoppers Where They Plan, Shop and Share.
Plus, INDUSTRY LEGEND Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winner in Economic Sciences and Best-Selling Author, Thinking, Fast and Slow will take the keynote stage: A Conversation with Daniel Kahneman to Understand What Shapes Our Choices, Judgements and Decisions.

As humans, we think we make rational decisions, but the truth is we are subject to many biases that affect our decision making. Daniel Kahneman explains the two systems that drive our thinking. Everything from personal happiness, playing the stock market, making purchasing decisions, and planning a vacation can be understood by knowing how these systems shape our judgements and decisions. Should we trust our intuitions?  

Have a question you want Daniel to answer? Tweet it using hashtag #OmniAsksDaniel and we'll add it to the schedule!

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The future of retail won't be defined in isolation. Make your voice heard at OmniShopper this July.

The OmniShopper Team

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