Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Research Teams Must Be Bold, Agile and Embrace Change in the Digital Age

Is your research operations team ready for the new face of consumer insights? Today, it’s key for research teams to remain relevant in the midst of changing digital age and be able to create a roadmap to success to stay relevant.

Ryan Shell, founder & CEO, The Home T, knows this better than anyone. He sat down with us in an exclusive interview to shed some light on how research teams are changing in the digital age and why it’s important to be agile.

How are research operations teams changing in the digital age?

I may be one of the few people in the United States that didn't watch Mad Men when it was on TV, but I recently started binge watching it on Netflix. While watching the first few seasons I couldn't help but notice that some of the research techniques that were done "back in the day" are still present in today's environment.

Things such as focus groups surely serve their purpose, especially for making billings higher and giving a client something flashy to see, but there are so many digital tools at our disposal to drastically increase the research lifecycle. The faster we obtain research to enable strategic decisions to be made the faster we have an opportunity to positively impact revenue and performance.

Research operations teams in the digital age are faster, leaner and smarter. And I might also add that they are bolder when it comes to decision making.

Why is it important to be an agile market researcher today?

Agile market research can at times be hard for traditional researchers to get on board with. The train moves at a fast pace and it can change tracks with ease. 

While this may not have been how things occurred during the Mad Men era, it's a required pivot based on today’s consumers buying behavior. They simply don't wait months for you to make a decision or to get something right. 

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