Friday, June 10, 2016

Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference: Day 2 Highlights

During Day 2 of the Marketing Analytics & Data Science Conference, attendees continued the conversation and collaboration of sharing how to effectively use data and analytics to move our organizations forward. 

Here are the highlights of some of the many insights learned and shared:

Ian Kalin, Chief Data Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce, presented "Department of Commerce as America's Data Agency." Ian shared examples of how the federal government is trying to maximize the positive impacts of its data. An example of this is The Opportunity Project, which uses open data to help people find jobs, housing, transportation and more.

David Plouffe, Chief Advisor, Uber, presented "Big Data: Knowing Instead of Guessing." A highlight of David's session was a discussion about how big data is used in projections of presidential election outcomes.

Jim Thompson, SVP Analytics and Audience Development, Billboard/The Hollywood Reporter, presented "Capturing Attention in a . . . What Was That?" Jim explained how
media publishers connect with people increasingly overwhelmed by an information rich environment.

Tarun Dhot, Director of Advanced Analytics, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, presented "Winning the Loyalty War in the Age of Big Data." Tarun's discussion focused on how effective use of data can help monetize loyalty, allowing the building of smarter strategies.

Earl Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing Science Institute, presented "What's the Story with Big Data?" In this session, Earl talked about the importance of using stories to communicate insights from the data.

Vicki Draper, Director, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL, presented "The Missing Metrics Link: What Digital KPIs Don't Tell Us About Shopper Behavior." Vicki talked about AOL's latest shopping research  and how it reveals that emotion drives online shopping more than utility.

Emma Stevens-Smith from Trendera presented "Deciphering Generations X, Y and V: How to Understand Next Generations and their Trends for Guaranteed Reach." Emma talked about the characteristics of each of the generations, and how people want to feel as if their favorite brands are working toward fulfilling their needs.

Jean-Paul Isson, Global VP Predictive Analytics & BI, Monster Worldwide, presented "People Analytics in the Era of Big Data." Jean-Paul explained to attendees that the goal is to take big data and turn it into actionable insights. HR must be marketers.

Jane Moran, SVP, Head of Behavioral Data & Analytics, Ipsos Connect, presented "Blending Behavioral Data Sets to Create a Richer Path to Purchase." During this session, Jane shared a few examples of how data sets can be used to enhance market share in the retail industry.

Kelly Peterson, Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics,, shared how uses marketing analytics to support the technology development team.

Don Sexton, Professor of Marketing and Professor of Decisions, Risk, and Operations, Columbia University, presented "CSF: The Most Important Metric You've Never Used." Attendees learned that Customer Surplus Factor (CSF) is a leading indicator of financial incomes that provides actionable insights for marketing strategies.

Brad Bernstein, Brand Insight Director, Diabetes Oral Brands, Astra Zeneca, and Jennifer Nelson, Managing Director, Aviants Insight & Strategy, presented "Innovation in Sales Force Targeting and Differential Messaging Using Replicate Models to Fill Data Gap." During this session, Brad and Jennifer shared an innovative replicates method for conquering APLD incompleteness to yield more targeted, richly informed target lists and differential messaging.

Stay tuned for more #MADSCONF highlights. Looking forward to Day 3!

Golden Gate Bridge Photo: Joseph Barrientos

Peggy L. Bieniek, ABC is an Accredited Business Communicator specializing in corporate communication best practices. 

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